Drawlloween Day 2 : Bart Carny

Day 02

Carnival Creeps

Today’s Prompt made me think of the creepiest Carnival Creeps I know…

Cooder and Spud

Carnies from Season 09 Episode 12 of The Simpsons. When I first saw this episode in 1998 I immediately disliked it. Sure, it had its moments. But overall I found the episode very upsetting.

Here’s a recap for you:
While visiting the Carnival Bart naturally gets himself in trouble resulting in having to work the Carnival. Homer joins in for the Fun of it and the two befriend Carnies, Cooder & Spud. After Homer accidentally gets their Carnival game/home repossessed, he invites the Carnies to stay with them. The Simpsons are quickly swindled out of their house resulting in them living in Bart’s tree house while the Carnies squat.
In the end Homer out hustles the Carnies and the Simpsons return to their normal lives.

Do you have an image in your head?
The reason I find it creepy / unsettling is for the scenes when the Carnies are squatting. The idea of someone taking over your house and having access to all of your possessions really scares me. While squatting Cooder wears Homer’s clothes and sits in his “ass groove” while Spud plays Lisa’s Saxophone and uses it as a butt scratcher.

If that’s not invasive enough, at one point the Carnies throw two family photo albums into a garbage can fire in the Family Room.

So for me Cooder and Spud are the ultimate Carnie Creeps.

What’s some of your least favorite episodes from your favorite shows?

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Thank you for Reading!

Post Script

Some Trivia Facts and Tidbits for ya:


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