If your guess was
Roosevelt’s Little White House
You Would be Correct!
Stan and I love history. seriously, just period.

Stan reads just about anything he can get his hands on about history, especially on the different Battles and Wars. While I on the other hand, am more partial to specific time periods, places and people, particularly events that occurred within the 20th Century.

Both of us love to study World War II.

For me, I love the time era, the Patriotism and my all time favorite President led us to Victory not only against the axis powers but he fought us through the Great Depression.

A few months ago Stan showed me the 2005 TV Movie, Warm Springs.

A great movie about the period of time before Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President. When he was diagnosed with Polio and how he found a safe place in Warm Springs, GA and overcame his self doubt. Making him stronger to become our 32nd President. He spent a lot of his time in Warm Springs thus giving his property Roosevelt’s Little White House.

Roosevelt’s Little White House is a wonderful place to visit.

I don’t want to spoil anything by going into a lot of details but its such an incredible experience. There’s so many little nuggets of history to be found. There’s several museums, one filled with cars, collections and other memorabilia owned by the Roosevelts. His home in Warm Springs was kept basically the same as the day Franklin Roosevelt passed away. The final museum holds the final portrait which FDR was sitting for before he died.

One of the best portions was the Walk of Flags and Stones, which was a long row of State Flags which included rocks from each of the 50 states.

One of my personal favorite bits of trivia were little scratches on the President’s front door, which were made by his beloved Scottish Terrier, Fala.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit, I highly encourage you to do so.

 After our trip into the past we went back to Post, having found a house who would have us. We still had lived with Stan’s friend in his Apartment for the next two weeks…patiently waiting for our belongings to be shipped from storage.

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Thank you for Reading!


One thought on “MOVING PART III – LIVING FROM A SUITCASE – PHASE 3 : Historical Warm Springs

  1. Loved Warm Springs! Both the movie and our visit but definitly the visit more. The main frame and trusses of the house (Roosevelt wanted left exposed to look like “Old Ironside”) were made of heart pine. Our house is as well. The termites usually won’t bother it if there are softer, tastier woods available. The homes were built about the same time and another similarity can be found in the kitchen. We have a colander left by “Stan’s” great grandmother with star shapes worked into the sieve pattern. There was one almost identical on display at The Little White House. To think they may have come from the same manufacturer! I LOVE WW2 era history too! Especially the human interest part of course!

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