MOVING PART III – Living From a Suitcase – Phase 1 : Annie and Gracie

Like good parents, we left Annie with her Grandparents and sister, Gracie; while we looked for our new home.

But before we get into our tearful goodbye, lets talk about the cutest sisters I know.

Annie and Gracie

We got Annie and Gracie from the same litter.
They spent two weeks together before we left for California.
They didn’t see each other again until Christmas Time.
And that was barely a week.

Right now, the girls have been together for over a Month!
When we got to my parent’s house Annie and Gracie were over the moon excited to see one another. You could tell they recognized each other instantly.

My other dogs, Murphy and Evie were the best of buddies having grown old together over the span of 12 years. They were like Sir Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart. But there’s just something in how the girls interact together that you just know that they can sense that they’re sisters. It’s beyond adorable.

Whenever I visit with Gracie alone, she’s always jumping around acting very puppyish. But with Annie Gracie is totally calmer. She seriously acts like the big sister showing Annie the ropes.

And they’re constantly playing together, running together and cuddling together.
They’re relationship is definitely something to be aspired.

Do you have any experiences with animals from the same litter?
Is it obvious that they’re siblings?
Do cats act happy to see a family member?

Sometimes siblings don’t always get along and it can be quite upsetting.
I’m so relieved that Annie and Gracie love one another.

Well, Stan and I decided that since we’d be traveling and without a home, leaving Annie with Gracie would be best. And with tearful eyes we parted but with a smile in my heart knowing that we were doing the right thing.

Thank you for Reading!
Happy Weekend

Check out Instagram for a Picture of these cute little Cherubs.


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