So, while we were in New Jersey Stan got a new phone, one that allowed him to get PokemonGo. I tried playing it when it first came out but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe all I needed was someone to play with 😛 It was a lot of fun going on walks with Stan trying to find Pokemon. I know it’s a little past the party but have you gotten into that fad?
Continuing our Family First theme, Stan, Grandma and I took Ginny and my Aunt out to lunch. We were celebrating her birthday at this hip new place in our town. We went for lunch on a weekday so it was pretty quiet. Apparently on the weekends they have live bands. We did go out back and they have a real boat re-purposed into a bar.
Wouldn’t mind going back there for a drink.
We decided to head into the City Wednesday to see a Show. We decided to see Wicked since Stan had read the book and we all agreed that we would love to see it again. (We had seen it about 6 years ago with my friend Leigh. She’s the Galinda to my Elphaba <3) For the occasion I decided to wear black… When we were at the Musical I overheard someone say that I was dressed like a witch.
For our third day playing, we were a little spoiled by all the PokeStops in the City. Thanks to the traffic we got to hit just about everyone we went by.
That night we got Chinese Food and watched Zoolander 2.
After all the negative reviews I’d been hearing I think it was better than I expected.
I’m a huge fan of the original film, so much so that my friend in HS and I went as Derek and Hansel for Halloween Junior Year of High School.
I didn’t love all the choices they made for the sequel, especially what they did with Matilda
I don’t want to give any spoilers here but:

  1. On the one hand it was very nice to see all the old characters again. And for the most part it was enjoyable and how they’ve changed seems very plausible.
  2. On the other hand, however, some jokes were way too silly. It didn’t really blend well with the original. And to be honest it felt like they wrote the script on a Sunday afternoon and started shooting the movie that Monday.

    That Friday we went to Elise and J.R.’s new house. Our housewarming present was inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life.
    We gave them
    a loaf of Bread:
    So this house will never know hunger.
    a canister of Salt:
    that life may always have flavor.
    and a bottle of Wine:
    that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
    and Annie gave their dog Gordon a bag of doggie treats.

    They took us on a tour of some really cool spots. We had this incredible German food at this Bier Garden with a hefty beer menu. Then we went to the Silverball Museum, where you pay an admission to play all the pinball you want. They have machines from all different decades, it’s really cool. My favorites were Indiana Jones and The Addams Family. I must admit most of the older ones were extremely sexist… I’ll just leave it at that. But if you have a chance to go, do it! You will not be disappointed.
    After the Arcade, we went to a Carnival. We stayed long enough for funnel cake, ice cream and PokemonGo 😛 Once back at the house, we watched the Yankees beat the Rays and then they introduced us to JackBox. A series of party games you can get on a game station. Like Playstation and xbox. Everyone uses their phones to play so you can have lots of people play the game at the same time.
    The games seem kind of confusing but once you start playing they’re quite fun.

  • There’s one called Bomb Corp where each player get a different part of the directions and we all have to work together to detonate the bombs.
  • There’s another one called Fibbage where you’re playing a trivia game but before you guess each player writes in their own crazy answer to try to trick everyone.
  • My favorite game is Drawful, it’s a game where everyone gets a clue and you need to draw something based on that clue and everyone tries to guess the correct title.

After we went to bed I decided to read the new book Elise had just finished:
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I was hesitant to read it since it’s meant to be viewed as a play…but I was also intrigued. So I decided to just read the first few pages to see if it caught me…hours later I had finished the 1st Act.
On our way home we stopped at my other cousin’s house to visit with her and the Twins ❤ They’re getting big, it’s so crazy how fast babies age, how they can barely open their eyes one minute and their crawling around the next!
Then it was off to my Aunt’s annual Summer Party. Each year my Aunt hosts a Summer and Winter Party for all her friends and Family. This year she kept it a little more intimate. Most of my friends who used to go have moved away, but it’s still nice seeing everyone.
Usually there’s Jello Shots and music and lots n’ lots of food.
Ginny brought her kind of new boy friend. They’ve been dating about a year but this was the first time I met him. I would say that he seemed nice but that got me into trouble last time. Plus, they mostly kept to themselves, but hey, he was wearing a Yankees Cap!
Thank you for Reading!
I hope you have a GREAT Weekend!!

Happy Friday!!!


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