Moving Part II -Family First – Chapter 1 – THE SHORE

After our road trip we had quite the little adventure around New Jersey.

For Better or Worse, I always make a point to see my family…correction, as my cousins would put it, extended family.

My cousin invited us down the shore. We ended up staying two nights at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a bit intimidating being with them since they’re all extremely competitive, with have very strong personalities and
usually I have my Dad there as a buffer.
But with that said, we really had a great time.

A little back story: My Grandparents were rather intimidating people as well. They were extremely neat, no nonsense with great taste. We used to go on fun summer vacations together with all the cousins around my age.

DAY 01

We went to the BEACH and swam in the OCEAN.

The first night we were there, my Uncle cooked dinner. My Aunt had me make the centerpiece for the table. She asked me to cut some fresh hydrangeas from her garden.
( Click here to see my Centerpiece! )

Then my cousins and their kids came over. We drank wine and joked most of the night away. After dinner there was a round of shuffleboard played.
My Uncle and the Granddaughters vs Stan and the Grandsons.

It seriously felt like I had taken a step back in time. Like I was glimpsing into my past and watching my cousins and me.

Something kind of odd that happened was when people would tell certain stories but get the details wrong. My Dad is a great story teller with the mind like a safe. So it was kind of annoying to hear the watered down versions of these great tales…

Afterwards, we rode bikes to my cousin’s house. We drank a little more and played pool. Then his really cool wife got home and the four of us went out back and talked. It was so nice and chill.

DAY 02

I feel silly writing this but I wasn’t sure what to do when we woke up, so I stayed in the room much longer than I meant to 😛 I know its a bit childish but do you ever do that when you’re in an unfamiliar place?

My Uncle took us to Breakfast where our waitress was a local celebrity. Everyone seemed to know everything about everyone. By the end of our 3 day 2 night trip, I knew this girl’s name, hobbies, her twin brother, where they were both going to College in the Fall and her charitable work. She knew that I enjoy Orange Juice with my Breakfast.

Afterwards we went back to the Beach, where I read Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by: Carrie Brownstein as part of Emma Watson’s Book Club “Our Shared Shelf.”
But more on that for another Post.

At the beach we met a lot of people who knew my Dad. Which felt really special. My Grandparents had a house down the Shore and my Dad used to be a life guard on the ocean Back in the Day…so I guess who could say he was a local celebrity 😉

Do you really enjoy hearing old tales about your Parents or Grandparents? Aren’t they just like candy or I guess more like stew for the soul? It just really fills you up and keeps you nourished and warm.

After collecting some sea shells for my Dad, My Uncle and Aunt took us for a boat ride with my cousin, her daughter (Calla) and some very special family friends. Which brought me back to when my Dad would take us on boat rides in Maryland.

After the boat ride, we went to this really great sushi place where we feasted.
We had so much food! I can’t remember the last time I was stuffed with so much Sushi!

After dinner Stan and I went for a very long walk around the neighborhood. It was so peaceful and such a sweet way to end the trip.

DAY 03

My Aunt and Uncle got us some bagels and coffee and sent us on our way.
I don’t know if we’ll get to visit again but I feel very fortunate having spent the time we did. I don’t know if you would agree with me but I was always raised to put family first. Which hasn’t always worked out for the best…but I can’t help it. Being an only child, I’ve always craved that feeling of being apart of something bigger than myself. Which I guess is why I’d like to have a Weasley sized family some day.
What about you?
Do you enjoy spending time with family or would you rather have fun with your friends?

Thank you for Reading!



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