Moving Part I – ROAD TRIP!

I’m writing this from our not so old couch in our not so new house.

Well, we survived. It’s been quite a long 53 days since we last slept in our own bed surrounded by our belongings but we did it.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, so I’m going to be writing a few updates this week to, uh, update you.

Stan’s parents flew out to help us move both cars back East. Which was a lot of fun. We stayed in some really cool hotels and saw some really great sights.

We were in a residency hotel for about a week before Stan could finally leave. Which turned out to be pretty fun since we had our own little kitchenette. We had a nice little Saturday Fun Day, where we ended up staying in eating a Chinese Feast and having a little mini Charlie Kaufman marathon.

They had a pay and go in our last Post, where we could pay someone to clean for us. They didn’t have that here so I was dead set on cleaning things perfectly brand new. I ended up making Stan wait for me until after 9 Friday night. I did not want his parents having to clean. I was all set to go back Saturday but Stan was having no part of it thus our Saturday Fun Day. Long Story Short: We Passed the Inspection 😉

On our last night in Arizona, we stayed in the same Hotel same Room in fact, that we stayed in on our first night in Arizona. It was so special.

The next night we stayed in Albuquerque, NM at this odd little Native American themed hotel that was right out of The Shinning. On our way out we stopped for special Breaking Bad Donuts at this cute little bakery.

The next night we were in Oklahoma City, where we had to sneak Annie into the hotel… o_O Long Story Short: They told us they were pet friendly but then the confirmation email said all pets under 15 pounds! As you can imagine, that was a night! I was on Yip Duty.

Then we went to St. Louis and stayed in this really cute hotel which was converted from a Train Station. We all walked down to the Arches. Stan’s Mom and I dipped our toes in the Mississippi River and we took a trip up to the top. Rather long and crowded but Very Cool.

The last night of our trip was spent in Ohio at this really cute Marriott Residency. (Complete with Breakfast 🙂 )

I had some personal growth on this trip, I drove. Since moving to California, something happened inside me and I feel really uncomfortable driving. But I took two turns driving this trip, the first was from the end of New Mexico into the Welcome Center in Oklahoma. Next was quite a long haul while we were in Ohio.

That time was a bit scary since we came to suddenly stop and witnessed a car fire!

I felt so good for driving and I know Stan felt great resting, the only one not happy was Annie who missed my short legs giving her space 😛

All in All it was a great Road Trip!
Thank you for Reading!!

We like to listen to books on tape,
especially Stephen King short stories.
This time we were listening to his son,
Joe Hill.
20th Century Ghosts
Do you like listening to books on tape?


6 thoughts on “Moving Part I – ROAD TRIP!

  1. Whenever we travel, my husband is always the one driving. I get car sick, so I take Dramamine, which makes me fall asleep. Not so good driving!! haha But my husband likes to listen to audio books, so that keeps him company while I’m snoring away 😉

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