Never Forget – September 11th – 15 Years Later

15 years later

Today we mourn the loss of Innocence.
15 years ago on a beautiful Tuesday mourning
we understood understood how our ancestors felt December 7th 1941.

As a child I only understood fear and the lust for revenge.

I was fearful of the unknown.
Who out of my family was affected?
Was this War?
a Holy War?
World War III?
thus the end of the world?

I was very fortunate that everyone I knew was spared that day.
Some of my friends weren’t so lucky.

I wanted revenge, just like so many people my age,
we thought it was going to be easy and patriotic like WWII.
We were children.

15 years later
Pray for and Remember all those who have been affected by that terrible day.
The Twin Towers, Flight 93, The Pentagon.
To the ones who passed away.
To the ones who lost loved ones.
To the all the people who were weakened by exposure.
Whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

May they all know that we are still with them.

My Grandfather used to say that our Government let us down twice in his lifetime.
September 11th and Pearl Harbor.

It’s so important that we never forget.
that we keep on going strong.

thank you for reading.

God Bless America


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