Day 3 Three Things You Can’t Live Without

Day 3 Three Things You Can’t Live Without

June 3, 1937. The Duke of Windsor married American Wallis Simpson. He loved her so much he knew he could not live without her, so he gave up the Crown of Great Britain to marry her. 

What are three things you can’t live without (or wouldn’t want to).


Three Things I Cannot Live Without

1. Family

My Parents and now Stan are the most important people in my life.
But I have always held my Family in the highest regard as to quote Michael Bluth, “Family First.” My cousins were my best friends and closest allies. I put them above everyone else in my life. This has hurt me at times socially, since most of my cousins don’t share this trait. But one cannot change the past and with all the happiness they’ve brought, I honestly could not imagine my life without any of them.

2. Animal Friends

This should really be a continuation of Family, because all of the Animals in my life or my “pets” have been a proper member of the family. My two Cats and four Dogs (5 including my Nana’s dog) have been my closest confidants growing up. They were always there for me. The worst part about college was being away from them. And once Annie and Gracie came into our lives, all of us became much happier.


I cannot live without my Imagination or the Imagination of others. I love being able to express myself through writing and my artwork. As well as living vicariously through the imagination of others, through books, movies and television shows. Trips to Disney, reading Harry Potter or watching The Simpsons. All of these things have brought happiness and inspiration to not just my life but to countless others.


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