Day 1 One Piece of Advice

Day 1 One Piece of Advice

June 1, 1926. American actor Andy Griffith was born. He played the role of the sheriff of Mayberry in The Andy Griffith show. He was often shown giving fatherly advice to his deputy Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts) and his son Opie (played by Ron Howard).

Share one piece of fatherly (or motherly) advice.

It can be about anything!

What one piece of advice would you give your teenage self? What would you tell a couple about to get married or have a baby? What one piece of advice did someone give you that you’d like to pass on to others? What one piece of advice would you give a new blogger

Share the wisdom!



What would you tell a couple about to get married or have a baby?

I’ve been married about 15 months now and I don’t really have much advice aside from the cliches: get to know one another and marry your Best Friend. Stan is my Best Friend and I seriously cannot comprehend how I could share my life with someone who wasn’t. My only real advice which I think has helped us, is that we bought a puppy together.

Annie came into our lives two months after we got married. And I think she has really brought us together. I think her presence has helped us when we start the transition of becoming a parent. Of course, having a baby is much harder than a dog, but I think that having a dog is very similar in a lot of “training wheel type ways.”

For example?
When Annie was a puppy she kept us up at night. Constantly yipping and teething. We had to puppy proof the house and make sure she didn’t chew on anything dangerous.

And similar to a Baby we had to teach her right from wrong.
“‘No, you can’t jump up’ and ‘No, good dogs don’t bite.'”

We’ve gotten Annie together for play dates with other dogs. And I’ll even go as far to say that Annie treats us like real parents. Me being the stay at home mom, she comes to me to snuggle and when she needs to be safe. And she runs to Stan when she wants to have fun.

And just like a real baby we just can’t pick up and leave whenever we like. We need to make sure Annie is safe and in good hands.

Though granted, you can’t just leave a baby home for an afternoon to go to the movies 😛

But the best part about having Annie in our lives is seeing how Stan’s fatherly instincts  have come out. Watching Stan with Annie brings a lot of simple joy to my life and even though I’m nervous about actually having a baby of our own. I’m not scared.
I know we’ll be all right.

So my advice to you, is if you can, get an Animal Friend with your partner.


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