“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great stuff!”

Thank you all for reading these past 26 blog posts for the 2016 A to Z Challenge.
It really means a lot to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Disney…I know, shocking.
But seriously, I’ve been thinking a little more than usual about Disney and I’ve come to the understanding that I really just love Disney fans. Each and every one of us. Disney fans are dedicated and creative. To the fans who paint Disney characters, to the ones who create fan fiction, fan theories, to the ones who Disneybound. The fans who visit the parks, cruises and the fans who just watch the movies and read as much as they can about Disney. Disney fans come in all shapes and sizes, from every corner of the globe.

For as long as I can remember I have had an unconditional love for all things Disney. As soon as I was born my Grandpa started my vast VHS collection of Disney films. When I was little over a year we went to Disney for the first time. After that we were hooked and my family and I have made it a point to visit Disney as much as possible. Disney was usually our go to vacation spot for any time off from school or work. Even now, we try to visit at least once a year and some people just do not get it. I used to get teased a lot for our love of Disney. People used to ask us all the time, why not go somewhere else? Aren’t you getting a little old for Disney? I was fortunate enough to have married someone who, like me, will never get too old for Disney. But having people like you read my blog and appreciate it…
it just warms my heart to know that I am not alone.

wendy_saved_jrThank you for Reading.
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