X : Xehanort “Xehanort. Foolish apprentice of a foolish man.”

Okay, I’m going to level with you. was a lot harder than I thought.
But I finally settled on…
Xehanort is the main villain in the Kingdom Hearts series. For those of you who are not familiar, the first Kingdom Hearts came out in 2002. It’s a video game that combines Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters. Sora is our hero, he lives on Destiny Island with his best friends Rikku and Kairi. One day, there’s a storm and everything changes. Sora soon finds himself wielder of the keyblade, fighting side by side with Goofy and Donald. The three fast friends are on a mission to find King Mickey, Rikku and Kairi. From there they must travel to different worlds, full of Disney characters and battle with Disney villains, who are working alongside the heartless. If you take the X out of his name, its anagram for No Heart.
kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix-231I love playing video games. I’m not very good at them, I can probably list on one hand how many games I’ve actually beaten on my own. But I do enjoy playing. Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite game, right up there with Harvest Moon 64. It’s very challenging, but its very cool. The Neverland level is my favorite. I introduced the series to my husband, who is good at beating games. We’re very close to the end, and we’re about to restart Kingdom Hearts 2…now if only we could get our hands on Kingdom Hearts 3!
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