V : Vanellope von Schweetz “Sad as it is, Vanellope can not be allowed to race.”

I’m going to keep this short and sweet,
emphasis on sweet.
Vanellope von Schweetz made her big debut on November 2, 2012 in Wreck-it-Ralph. She’s the resident glitch in Sugar Rush…or is she? Her full name may shed some light on her true identity. Vanellope is a combination of Vanilla and Penelope which is the name of Odysseus’ Queen. Von is of German origin referring to or from and usually used when speaking of German nobility. Schweetz is a play on the word sweets. Perhaps she was also inspired by another famous racer, Penelope Pitstop. In the junior novelization of Wreck-it-Ralph, Penelope describes her glitch disability as “a code-reading disability that occurs when the corpus does not properly recognize certain symbols.” She calls it pixlexia, very similar to dyslexia.
vanellope_and_other_girls_by_vanellope_schweeetz-d5x5xm1Sarah Silverman played a much larger role than you might have first thought. Yes, she provides the voice for Vanellope, but as looks goes, Vanellope was indeed drawn to look like a younger, cuter Silverman. But well before voices were cast, director Rich Moore was inspired by Silverman’s 2010 memoir, “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee” to create Vanellope. On a side note: the characters in Sugar Rush are inspired by the anime style known as Chibi. 
wreck-it-ralph-vanellope-meet-disney-hollywood-studiosVanellope was Calhoun’s Maid of Honor, even though the two only share a brief interaction when she tries to help Vanellope escape Sugar Rush. Though, its not hard to believe that these two strong females would get along, Calhoun appreciates Vanellope’s order to execute the other racers. And speaking of the wedding scene, Vanellope is in her Princess dress, of course, and why not? She’s part of a Wedding party and everyone is dressed up…but what if she had no choice but to wear that? What if she couldn’t leave her game in her Glitch form? Of course, Ralph and Felix are in different tuxedos…but it does make you think.
felix-and-calhoun-s-wedding-wreck-it-ralph-34653358-1280-522Thank you for Reading.
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