U : Ursula “Well, it’s time Ursula took matters into her own tentacles.”

Let’s start this week off with a villain we love to hate,
The Little Mermaid was the first fairy tale adapted Disney film since Sleeping Beauty over 30 years prior. The original story is much like the Disney version. Ariel is the youngest daughter of the Sea King who wishes to live on land…that’s where it kinda veers off course. Ursula is there, though she’s refereed to only as the Sea Witch and is more neutral than a real villain. Human nature vs. Mermaid nature is the real enemy. Disney decided to make Ursula a more traditional villain and the main antagonist.  Originally, Ursula was to be King Triton’s disgruntled sister. She was also thought to be another sea creature, such as a rockfish or lion fish. They thought she should have a snake like appearance with lots or spikes. But once the production team watched a documentary on octopi, they realized their multiple arms added to their commanding and ominous appearance making for the perfect Sea Witch.
ursulaUrsula is not something Disney made up, her appearance comes from an actual species from folklore known as a cecaelia. Her appearance, actions as well as her choice in lackeys were also based on another Disney villainess, Madame Medusa from the 1977 film, The Rescuers. Which coincidentally, is the last Disney film to be nominated for an Academy Award. Ursula’s basic appearance, however, was based on John Waters casting favorite and well-known Drag Queen, Divine. Sadly, Divine passed away in 1988 during the film’s production. While the character was being written Bea Arthur was in mind, but she turned the role down due to her commitment with The Golden Girls. Elaine Stritch was eventually chosen, however, her acting turned out to be incompatible with Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s lyrical style. Eventually Pat Carroll was cast as Ursula. Carroll later stated that it was a dream come true to be able to play a Disney character. She went on to play Ursula’s sister Morgana in the The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.
the2blittle2bmermaid2b19892bdisney2bursula2band2barielUrsula is the first main antagonist to have her very own villain song in a Disney film. Usually such songs were sung by henchmen, such as The Siamese Cat Song from Lady and the Tramp. Less threatening villains, such as Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee sung by Honest John and Gideon in Pinocchio and protagonists, like songwriter Roger Radcliffe’s Cruella Deville. Poor Unfortunate Souls kicked off a new tradition, paving the way for  Be PreparedFriends on the Other Side and Mother Knows Best, to name a few. Most Disney characters are killed off screen, such as Gaston and Mufasa falling to their deaths. Ursula is one the few to get a more visual and gruesome death, along with Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Scar from The Lion King and Clayton from Tarzan.
tumblr_inline_mu0u8eelqk1r5ovihThe Little Mermaid is a very special film for my mom and me. We bought matching sweatshirts on our very first trip to Disney World and this past DisneyRun, which, due to circumstances my dad couldn’t join us. We didn’t realize the theme until we picked up our bibs, and how appropriate that The Little Mermaid would shadow our mini Girls weekend. Ursula is also in my definite top three favorite Disney villains, and when considering just how wickedly evil and fun, she’s probably number 1. But I have a pretty intense system when ranking Disney villains. What about you?
Who are some of your favorite villains you just love to hate?
puzzle-clementoni-disney-villains-panorama-1000-p-clm39088-5-0When Ursula is making the potion for her transformation into human, she uses a butterfly. The butterfly she uses is of the genus known as Vanessa. This is the name Ursula uses as her alter-ego. This leads to the question, did Ursula tamper with all of her “clients” and thus everyone she dealt with ended up in her garden?
tumblr_inline_npoz4r9mdx1qicntr_540Thank you for Reading!
I hope you have a wonderful Week .
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