P : Pepper Ann “For the last time, Pepper Ann, Paul from the Wonder Years is not Marilyn Manson.”

On September 13, 1997, ABC  debuted its Disney’s One Saturday Mourning. A three hour block party, which ran until September 7, 2002. One of the stars from the early days was
Pepper Ann
Pepper Ann made her first appearance in 1991 as a monthly comic strip in YM Magazine .  Writer/Producer Sue Rose decided to make it into a series and pitched it to Disney. It was the first animated series for Disney created by a woman. It premiered alongside Recess and the newly acquired Doug. Pepper Ann was replaced by the Weekenders in February 2000, since people were displeased, Disney started airing new episodes on the new Disney’s One Too, which aired on UPN. Pepper Ann ended on November 18th, 2000 due to Disney Channels 65 Episode Rule.
I remember thinking that Pepper Ann was so mature. She was in 7th Grade and had a locker all her own. Of course, I soon realized how immature middle school really was but for a brief time, I thought Pepper Ann was the coolest…next to Daria that is, but that’s a post for another day. The very first episode I ever watched happened to be one of the more controversial ones. It was the season 1 finale called In Support Of, which basically centered on Pepper Ann under the impression that she needs to get her hands on a training bra. In the end, the episode was rated TV-Y7, the rest of the episodes were rated TV-Y.
Pepper Ann went on to be the first and only Disney TV character to make an appearance on House of Mouse. Her mother, Lydia and her made a brief cameo in the pilot episode.
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