E : Eddie Valiant “Cigars? Cigarettes?… Eddie Valiant!”

Happy Wednesday!
Today, I’ll be turning the clock back just 28, or should I say, 69 years to 1947 Las Angeles and just another day for Private Investigator, Eddie Valiant.
roger-rabbit2As shown in the touching scene when Eddie gets home from taking incriminating photos of Jessica with Marvin Acme, pushing her husband, Roger into alleged murder. Eddie Valiant and his brother, Teddy were extremely close. The two briefly followed in their father’s footsteps and toured along side him as circus clowns for Barnum and Bailey in 1906. They changed career paths and graduated from the LAPD in 1925. Somewhere along the line Eddie met Dolores as seen in the photo, “Two Flatfoots and a Floozy go into Business” in 1938. Valiant and Valiant are pretty successful, having rescued Donald Duck’s nephews who were kidnapped and clearing Goofy’s name from accusations of espionage. As seen from these cases the brothers generally focused on toon cases. (In those same newspaper clippings it’s revealed that Mickey Mouse is the Mayor of Toon Town, check out the 01:39 mark). Teddy was killed by a toon who got away and judging by the date on his untouched desk, perhaps the accident occurred on Friday the 13th? Not to leave you on a heavy note, but did you notice that Teddy owns a Betty Boop doll?
who-frammed-roger-rabbit-quien-engac3b1o-a-roger-rabbit-touchstone-walt-disney-1988-eddie-valiant-thedoro-valiant-teddy-valiant-hermano-brotherWho Framed Roger Rabbit is loosely based on the 1981 book, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf. In the book, Eddie Valiant is a thin, chain-smoker detective with a beard. Set in the present day, the toons are famous characters from comic strips rather than animations, such as SnoopyBeetle Bailey and Dick Tracy. Speaking of Dick Tracy, Eddie’s attitude was based on the hard-boiled detective, inspirations for his character came from classic film noir detectives like Humphrey Bogart and Alan Ladd. And another clue from his brother, Teddy’s desk might be his pipe and magnifying glass, perhaps his character’s inspiration came from the British detective, Sherlock Holmes?
jr-jessicarabbit-silhouetteBob Hoskins was not the first choice for the role of Eddie Valiant. When producer Steven Spielberg’s choice, Harrison Ford, was deemed too expensive, they asked Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase. The two both turned it down. Both director Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg wanted Bill Murray for the role but neither of them could reach Murray in time. Apparently, Murray stated in an interview that when he learned of this fact, he screamed out in public because he would have jumped at the chance. roger-6Marvel Comics published the official comic book adaptation of the novel a year after the film was released. I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy, the graphic novel is from Eddie’s perspective and told through the narrative of a detective story. When I was little, my parents and I used to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit all the time. So much so that I would sing “Why Don’t You Do Right…” and pinch my Grandpa’s cheeks…I was kinda goofy like that 😛
roger-rabbit-7Thank you for reading about Eddie Valiant!
I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!
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