C : Chip “Monty has strength, Zipper has speed, Chip has great leadership skills, and Dale has…has…a good sense of humor!”

Not to be confused with Chip the teacup, but Chip the Chipmunk.
chip-and-dale-chip-and-dale-25009906-400-300Happy Monday!
I hope this post will make your day just a little less blue. Today, I will be highlighting the brains behind the dynamic duo that is Chip and Dale. It’s hard to talk about one without the other so today you’re in for a twofer.
tumblr_inline_mj00r99tfn1qz4rgpWhile fact checking, I’ve come to realize that it’s somewhat of a controversy whether these little pals are actual brothers or not. I think most people, including myself, have just assumed they were. Throughout their history, there’s been clues such as a sister, Chattie and nephews, Zip and Zap, though it’s hard finding accurate data on any of them. I believe these characters were introduced in the comics.
881059Now, I was never a huge fan of Chip and Dale when I was little. This was mostly due to the fact that most of their main roles in the past have been to annoy Donald and Pluto. When my parents and I started going to the character breakfast at the Polynesian, my goal was to meet Minnie, but soon these little rascals grew on me, as I got to know them all too well. My Dad was always a fan and used to drill me on the differences between them.
tumblr_m2nl0pthmz1qiy0obo1_500I laugh at the memory but for some the two can be indistinguishable. The easiest way to remember is Chip has the cute “Chocolate Chip” nose and Dale has the larger red nose. Chip has two straight teeth in front and below the surface Chip is the more cunning and “mastermind” behind the chipmunk’s shenanigans.
chips-ahoyThe chipmunks made their debut in the 1943 cartoon, Private Pluto. From there the pair’s popularity grew through the years. They were given more guest spots on other cartoons and even went on to have three solo features; the most famous being, Two Chips and a Miss. (Which also happens to be one of my all time favorite Disney cartoon!) They’ve been spotted in other films but probably their most famous roles came in the 1989 Television series, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Ranger.
chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-12289545-640-480The Rescue Rangers had different leads when the idea was first created. Originally a vehicle for Bernard and Miss Bianca as a spin off for the 1977 film, The Rescuers, Bernard and Miss Bianca dropped out of the project once The Rescuers Down Under was given the green light. The creator Tad Stones created Gadget and Monterey Jack but it was Michael Eisner who suggested Chip and Dale take center stage.
250px-chipdalelogoIf you’re familiar with the show then you’ll remember that one of the major differences from their regular cartoon appearances was the fact that Chip and Dale wore clothing all the time. And in fact, the outfits they wore on a regular basis may seem familiar.
Their clothing is used not only to pay homage to these classic characters but to highlight the differences in their personalities. In 1943, the Chipmunks shared the same personality and looked like identical twins. Have a look for yourselves at Private Pluto (forgive the quality). It wasn’t until four years later in the 1947, Donald cartoon, Chip an’ Dale, that the chipmunks were given unique identities. Chip has pretty much remained the same throughout the years, perhaps he’s gotten a little bossier. But Dale has changed the most. Earlier in their careers  Dale was seen as lazy and a bit of an idiot. In the Rescue Rangers Dale’s personality changed from “stupid” to more of a breezy, easy-going attitude.
chip-a-dale-1943-vs-1947-jpgI hope you all enjoy the rest of your Mondays!
Thank you for reading
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