A : Aurora “And in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Princess Aurora.”

What better way to kick off Day One of the A to Z Blogging Challenge than with the Princess who introduced me to the World of Fantasy.
(Better known as her film title, Sleeping Beauty.)

Aurora is the third official Disney Princess. At the moment there are a total of 11 Official Princesses. (Anna and Elsa arguably bump that number to 13, but if you recall Elsa is now a Queen. If anyone has confirmation that Anna is an official Princess please let me know.) When I was born there were only three. Disney has had more than 11 Princesses in their films, but not all are welcomed into the Official Club. Case and Point, Princess Eilonwy from the 1985 film The Black Cauldron.
sleeping-beauty-disneyscreencaps-com-5504I’d like to think that I was drawn to Aurora’s Briar Rose persona. I’ve always been an animal lover, nature enthusiast and barefoot fiend. Plus, a sucker for fairies. (Unfortunately for Aurora, I’m also a fierce Pro-Brunette advocate, so Aurora quickly became my second favorite Princess once Belle hit the scene in 1992.) But I digress. Back when I was no bigger than my Golden Retriever, I used to make my parents and Grandparents watch Aurora all the time, I’d sing all of her songs and even had an unfortunate incident involving a TV and my foot…Maleficent was on the screen…let’s just say, my Nana was not impressed.
tumblr_ntsdpe7vci1usihl9o8_400Aurora gets a bad wrap, people tend to see her as anti-feminist, since she basically spends most of the plot asleep. She also has the fewest lines of dialogue and if you notice, once Prince Philip kisses her and she awakes; Aurora doesn’t say a word. Her last words in the film occur while she’s crying about being a Princess and thus betrothed.
sleeping-beauty-danceIn the original fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty had more than three fairies. In some renditions she had seven, which was once considered for the Disney version. Animators suggested that having three good fairies with three distinct personalities would be funnier than having all of the fairies look and act alike.
snapshot20061024224225sl3When creating Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney was insistent that audiences did not assume it was just a repeat of Snow White. Notice the differences in Snow White and Aurora’s appearances: Snow White has a cute raven-haired bob, while Aurora has a long bouncy blonde doo. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I should note that Disney chose to make Ariel a red head, mostly to differentiate her from the blonde mermaid, Madison from the 1984 Splash.
giphyAside from her gorgeous head of hair, Princess Aurora gets her good figure from actress Audrey Hepburn, but who inspired her purple eyes?  That’s actually up for debate. If you’re up to date on Disney merchandise, then you’ve noticed that for many products, Aurora has Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet eyes. But watching the film, you will notice that Princess Aurora actually has blue eyes.
Being not only a brilliant filmmaker, but also a keen businessman, Walt Disney considered building Snow White’s Castle at Disneyland Park back in 1955, but he changed it to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to better promote the film. This was in spite of the fact that Sleeping Beauty wouldn’t be released until 1959.
4555a8f83f583f1ff9dc17c18b29d0fbWalt Disney wanted Sleeping Beauty to be a beautiful film. The ending truly achieved this feat, with Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, so in love, dancing dreamily into the clouds. Did you enjoy that ending? Walt Disney had been trying to achieve that for years, hoping to finish a film with the couple dancing in the clouds. The ending of Sleeping Beauty was also the base drawing for Beauty and the Beast. Due to time constraints during production, reused animation had to be used.
About Aurora’s colorful dress, the idea of having Flora and Merryweather fight over the color of it being Pink or Blue, came about when two animators found themselves in a similar argument. Which color do you prefer? As for myself, I was always annoyed that Fauna never changed it to Green, but that’s just me 😛
983510_1332665449429_fullThank you for Reading my very first A to Z Challenge.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Check in later tonight for my Instagram picture!
(Hopefully, tomorrow I will time them a little better)


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