Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy International Women’s Day!
When I was a little girl, I remember consciously thinking,
“I’m so lucky to be a girl.”
Obviously, when I thought this, I had been fortunate enough to have never dealt with Sexism yet ,or, more plausibly, I was just too naive to understand. Since then, I have understood firsthand the setbacks women face on a daily basis.
tumblr_m8keo6xnai1qj5t08o1_250Whether it was when my Dad and Grandfather asked my younger Male cousin to look out for me. Or when the Men in my Graduate Level class decided to exclude all the Women from Jobs, I’ve witnessed Sexism first hand.
I do consider myself a Feminist.
rosiesexismNow, I know some people consider this a dirty word, and I’m not going to get into a heavy here. But in honor of today, I’d just like to say that whoever believes that should seriously reconsider.
Feminism is about Equality.
That Women and Men are Equals.
This does not just include Equal Pay for Equal Work.
This covers a much larger spectrum.
And again, I won’t bore you with a rant.
My point is:
If a Woman wants to go to Work and not have Children, that is fine.
If a Man wants to stay at Home and Raise his Children, that is fine too.

Just think about this. Girls are taught that they should wait before having Sex. That one should be fully prepared and ready before embarking on such a intimate and personal matter. But Boys are encouraged to get “Laid.”
Equality, I believe treats Boys the same as Girls.
Because not everyone is built the same way.
Sometimes, a Girl is ready for Sex and a Boy is not.
But it’s not as easy for a Boy to say no.

 I hope my Food for Thought didn’t leave you with a bad taste.

For a little Fun, here’s a Link, Stan sent to me today.

and if you have time for a Giggle


By The Way,

I still think that I was lucky to be born a Girl.

 And my husband was lucky to be born a Boy.
…though I do wish I had the ability to grow a mustache.

thank you for reading.

Enjoy Your Week.


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