“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” – an ode to a special Aunt.

One year ago tonight, my Aunt passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by her family and  faithful dogs. My Aunt was an avid Environmentalist and spent much of her time focusing on ways to better the planet and further Women’s Rights. Never one to allow circumstances to get in her way, she lived life on her own terms and flourished.
Well educated, My Aunt attended many prestigious intuitions and opened a shop of her own. Never one to stifle her creative flow, she was able to transform her home for each and every holiday. My Aunt was quick to voice her opinions on issues that mattered but she was also quick to lend a loving hand to those she cared for. The youngest of five, my Aunt knew how to channel chaos into harmony. But above all, my Aunt was extremely intelligent, creative, and had a deep inner strength. Although the cancer destroyed her body, her mind was sharp as ever, keeping her sense of humor and kindness to the very end.
Beloved by all who really knew her.
She is missed each day by her child, three dogs, four siblings, 12 nieces & nephews and all who loved her.


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