“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

My husband, Stan introduced me to the website called: Politifact.
It’s a website that really puts effort into Fact Checking information.
In the wake of the New Jersey Muslim burning the American Flag scandal that was in the news a lot around Thanksgiving. This incident has really opened my eyes that one cannot trust everything they hear on the news. I never heard anything about thousands and thousands of people but I do remember the news reporting on an incident in Paterson. I know that being skeptical is a no brainer when it comes to gossip and online articles, but I always assumed that credible news stations like NBC, ABC and CNN could be trustworthy.
But then again, you know what happens when you assume
The Weekend after the terrorist attacks on Paris, Stan and I flew to California to participate in the Disneyland Avenger’s marathon weekend. Back Story: we had originally bought the tickets for 2014, but Stan unexpectantly had to work, so we pushed it back to 2015. I couldn’t help but think of how wasteful we were being, buying an ice cream cone or a pair of Mickey ears. Which made me explore those feelings deeper. It may seem wasteful but that’s our choice. It’s our choice how we want to live our lives. I really don’t want to get heavy here, so I’ll leave it at that.
Disneyland Castle 141115I suppose today is an appropriate day to share our trip to Disneyland,
since today would have been Walt Disney‘s 114th birthday.
Here are a few pictures from our trip:
We had an early flight to LAX, where Stan booked us two seats on the Disneyland express.
NOTE: The Disney World Express is free for hotel guests are much easier to navigate.
The Disneyland Express is a little tricky. You have to wait on the street with all the other hotels and there’s an unofficial disney van that drives around trying to pick people up. It’s supposedly a scam, and if you paid for the Disneyland Express, WAIT for the Disneyland Express, it takes long, but it will find you.
Flight to Cali 141115After the flight, we made a BeeLine for the RunDisney sign in.
One of the best things about rundisney events are all the costumes. Everyone really gets into the event. I try to find a costume that’s cute but run worthy, you know what I mean? But some people go all out with masks, wigs, full makeup and props! Can you guess who I was this year?
RunDisney Signup 141115Our room was of course, not ready by 9AM, so we dropped our luggage off and hit the Parks.
But not without some caffeine aid.
Also, check out the photo in the bottom right corner, that’s not the line to get in. That’s the line for security.
Which seriously, is nothing to complain about.
WalkinIn 141115There’s not much time left on the 60th Diamond Disneyland Anniversary.
For people who don’t know me very well, I’m a huge Disney Fan.
My parents and I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was a baby.
It wasn’t until Grad School that I got the opportunity to go to Disneyland
and for you fellow Disney Fans, it’s well worth the trip.
Here are some of the fun things they have up for the Diamond Anniversary.
WARNING: There are some special holiday spoilers so feel free to skip ahead!
WfM Sights around Disneyland 141115

Disneyland Haunted Mansion 141115
Disneyland a Nightmare before Christmas 141115

They’re also having Season of the Force, which I believe will be going on throughout the new year.Season of the Force 141115
Small World 141115
Sights around Disneyland 2 141115
WfM Disenyland after Dark 141115Stan surprised me with one night in the Disneyland Hotel.
(That’s a Stitch Tsum Tsum and a Minnie Mouse Cake Pop…oh, and R.Raccoon)
Disneyland Hotel 141115Did you guess?
It was an Avengers vs Guardians Weekend…
WfM AHM Characters 141115
Another early day for us. We were up, dressed and ready to run by 4:30AM.
It was very chilly out but once we got our blood pumping it was fine.
This was my third half marathon and the first one I did with a running partner.
And I stand behind this message: “I will never run a long distance race alone, ever again…(knockonwood) 😛 ”
WfM Avengers Half Marathon 141115Stan really pushed me and I’d like to think I pushed him in some ways.
We ran through Angel’s Stadium, past a crowd of Army Veterans who clapped for us while we shook their hands.
We ran, we jogged, we power walked, but in the end we did it 🙂
And to celebrate we did what we do best.
WfM AHM Breakfast 141115I was also congratulated by one of my Heroes: Stitch ❤

Views from the Disneyland Monorail and us trying out our BA faces
Views from the Disneyland Monorail and us trying out our BA faces

It was a short but incredibly fun weekend.
And as you see from my FitBit, a weekend well Spent
Disneyland Day Well Spent 141115

After we got back home, I had to work double time to get the house ready and organized for my parent’s arrival.
WelcometotheGuestRoomDecember 5th

Rest in Peace, Mr. Loggia.

Back in March of 2013, my roommates and I got the opportunity to work with one of the best character actors who have ever lived. I may be exaggerating a bit, because I really mostly just love two of his films but his presence in those films make them what they are.
He was from the same part of Staten Island my Grandparents were from.
He was nothing but professional and if you look at his imdb page, he worked right up until the end.
WfM Rest in Peace Mr. Loggia

I can’t find my favorite clip of Robert Loggia, so I will leave you with this gem.

Thank you for reading
I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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