Peace for the World

Thanks to my new phone which makes looking up articles a lot easier, I’ve read a lot about the Paris attacks this weekend and I found one passage most engaging, it was from an article about the group Anonymous and how they have declared war on ISIS. Here is the link to the entire article, if you’re interested in reading about it
but the part that struck me most was the last paragraph:
“If you’d like to help, the best thing to do right now is get informed. The best tool ISIS has in the West is ignorance, and the more we take it away from them, the better.”

I think that it’s incredible how this tragedy has brought us together and inspired people. I know that things like this tend to be a fad, but I’m just sick of how low these terrorist can be and I do feel inspired to get involved, and, if you don’t mind, I have decided to share some of the articles I find with you and hopefully, you will share some information with your friends. This may be small but it’s better than staying in the dark.

I think a big question that a lot of us share is what exactly does ISIS want? I mean, I think we all assume that they want to restrict the freedom others share but this article sheds a little more light on the situation.

Last weekend we went to Disneyland. It was for a run that we had been planning to do and I must admit that I did feel rather frivolous going to the happiest place on Earth the day after 129 people were brutally murdered, plus many who were seriously injured. But in a lot of ways this is exactly what the terrorists want us to start thinking. That our way of living is wrong but in a lot of ways even though it’s important to keep the victims in our hearts and thoughts, we shouldn’t allow these monsters into our minds.
We can’t allow these terrorists to win.

On a more uplifting note,
allow you me to update you on my life with just this small tidbit.
WfM Happy Birthday GMA
I’ll update you on what’s been going on a little later. It’s been pretty crazy around here.
My parents are arriving soon to spend Thanksgiving with us.
I cant believe they’re really coming 🙂

I hope that you all are doing well
that your loved ones are safe.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

I’ll have an update for you soon.



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