“War. War Never Changes.”

I just want to say that I am so very proud of the women and men who serve our country.
I had no idea just how demanding a lifestyle being a service member truly is.
Being an Army Wife has really opened my eyes to the amount of sacrifice that goes in to serving our country.
Thank you, and a special thank you to our Veterans.
Specifically, my Grandfathers, Godfather, and many cousins.
And above all else, My Husband ❤
1111151613God Bless America

Backing up to Monday, November 9th.
Stan’s favorite video game released it’s fourth installment.
Stan preordered the game and was counting down towards the midnight release for over a month.
When the big night came, I fully allowed Stan to have complete and total control of the TV.
And so from 10PM Monday to about 6PM today, we had our
Fallout 4 Party
Here are some pictures from the celebration.
First, we got into character.
Fallout 4 Party - CharactersThen, I made us up a batch of Nuka Cola
I couldn’t find some of the ingredients, so I played around a little.
Fallout 4 Party - Nuka ColaAnd most importantly, as Stan would say, we partook in a Gamer’s Feast.
Fallout 4 Party - FoodI fully let myself go and indulged in everything bad for you…I mean it was to support the cause and all…
It’s been a pretty fun two day. Though one of us did not enjoy our party as much as others.
Fallout 4 Party - AnnieThank you for reading
wherever you are may you be loved
have someone to hug.

post script
If I was in Fallout 4 and on a strict diet this is what I would look like.
Stan is beside me…though he looks oddly similar to Jake.


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