“It’s because you’re eating too much candy, You Oinker!”

30. October .15

Well, today is Mischief Night, but it wasn’t until I was in college that it dawned on me this “holiday” has no meaning for the rest of the country. My husband, has only heard about it from me. So, I googled it and apparently, pretty much two states, celebrate this prankful event.
Now, I use the term celebrate loosely, because I never went out to prank people.
But a lot of my friends did. But it was all in good fun, toilet paper, shaving cream and soap were weapons of choice.
For the wilder, “bad boys,” eggs were used.
Who else has heard of mischief night?

But let’s back up the week a little…


Keeping up with Back to the Future Day a little longer, October 26, 1985 is the day Marty went back to November 5th 1955. There’s one more thing I want to share in honor of BTTF. I found this great article a few days ago. It goes into depth about just how brilliant BTTF is and why it deserves to be considered one of the greatest films ever made. This article does a great job of bringing all the elements and points together in a very concise and intriguing way.

If you’re interested in more Back to the Future, there’s a new documentary on Netflix called Back in Time.

I ran into my first tarantula on Sunday. The three of us were walking down the mountain when we saw it…I must admit that I was not as scared as I assumed I would be. Well…it was dead, but still it was rather big! I mean it was not huge but body and legs, it could probably fit into the palm of my hand. I did get scared, because I almost stepped right on to it. But seriously, I was not as terrified as I had expected. I’ve been beyond scared of what it would be like to actually come face to face with a tarantula out in the wild, but  after I was a safe distance away from its corpse, dare I say it was actually kind of cute? (Oh goodness, lets not jinx us now…)

I have some exciting news, I finally got a new phone! I’ve been hardballing this for about a year, but long story short, after 11 years, I have finally parted ways with t-mobile, much to the delight of Stan and my parents. I also figured out my login for Skype, so for the past few days, I have been feeling pretty high-tech
WfM new phone

Manny brought Zek over for another play date and the pups had an impromptu Jersey Monday. Annie didn’t much care for the Jersey at first, but then she grew to love it.
Jersey Monday

After lunch, I got caught in the middle of a dangerous game, which really would have ended badly for one of us…


which tired the pups out…
1445898056766-vz (1)

It's Good to be the King

Wednesday was a big day.
I got up early and walked to the post office, hair salon, PX and furniture store…let us not speak of the hair salon.
I was on such a high from finishing all my errands that I tried to go to the Chapel but it was locked.

So, I kept walking. But then I remembered somewhere else I need to visit, so I finally got to ACS : Army Community Services. The man who welcomed me could not have been nicer. They have this three-phase class series for new Army Wives, that should help get me adjusted to Army Life. I’m currently waiting for a call back from the director about the date of Phase One. I’ll keep you posted.
20151030_100648This week, I also did a little decorating to help get us in the mood.
Halloween 2015 Before

Guest Bathroom

291015 Halloween

I also took this quiz on Facebook that made me feel quite flattered
but also gave me a chuckle it’s a bit unbelievable since you can’t see my face 😛
But, I’ll still take it! (Let me know who you get)
wfm 010101103916005537

Annie and I took a long walk to the vet today.
She was a very good girl and met lots of new friends.20151030_091318The Veterinarian also informed us that we need to get Annie Purina puppy chow specifically for Large dogs.
She said that normal Puppy Chow is meant for smaller dogs because they were tested on a group of Beagles .
Large dogs, especially Goldens are prone to hip dysplasia and giving them puppy chow for smaller dogs could increase their chances. This is because puppy chow can do harm to dogs, for example: if a mature dog eats puppy chow parts of their body will keep growing. “Puppy Chow is meant for Puppies.”
Tonight is Manny and Zek are coming over to help us kick off Halloween!

So, if you’ll excuse me, I better get started on Part I of our Halloween extravaganza!
If I don’t see you tomorrow, I hope you have a great Halloween!


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