National Tell A Story Day

27 – October – 15
I missed the United States’ National Tell a Story Day by six months,
so, please enjoy this Flash Fiction in honor of Scotland and England’s National Tell a Story Day.

Victorian Day

“You’re so stupid. She’s already a block away. What’s wrong with you?”

I’m doing my best. I lean on my walker and stare at the ground. It’s so humid out. Sweat slowly rolls down my back.

A group of women pass us. He scolds me. I hate when he yells at me in front of people. I just want to go home.

“Get hers.” He spits, shoving me forward.

I look ahead at the group of women, there’s an old woman about my age, two middle aged women and two young girls in their twenties.

“GO.” He yells through gritted teeth.

I push forward, my forehead drips while the sweat down my back reaches my panties. I just want to get this done. Let this be quick. I wipe my face and look around at the vendors. What a waste. How is this Victorian? Because they have a pocket of Victorian homes in town and some old rags, they think it justifies a special weekend. But he wanted us to come today. He needs me and I have to help him.

I can hear them clearly now. What can I say? I don’t dare turn around, I can’t meet his gaze until I’m successful. I have to get this right, I have to make him happy. I must.

I’m almost inside their group. I study them closely. I don’t even bother with the women, he doesn’t want them. But the girls. One is in shorts and a tank top, the other is in a white lacey dress. He’ll like the one in shorts better. But the one in the dress looks more Victorian, she looks the part. I’ll say I need her picture for the event. Girls like having their pictures taken. They need it. Especially young, simple girls.

I want to go home.

“Excuse me.” I hear my voice crack. “Excuse me!”

The women turn in my direction. The old one and the middle aged one in hippie pants automatically put on fake smiles. They must think I’m pathetic. The other woman looks at me in annoyance, like the girl in shorts.

I fumble with my walker a little, they shouldn’t see me as a threat. “I hope I’m not bothering you.” They’re all facing me now. The one in the dress is wearing a big floppy hat and sunglasses. I can’t tell what she’s thinking. I stutter a little and the sweat is starting to turn uncomfortable. “But you see…your dress is similar. I mean it’s Victorian in a more modern way.” The little twit looks down at herself and smiles politely. The others look intrigued as well. I’ve got ‘em.

“We like when young people take an interest in this event. And I was wondering…could I take your picture? For the newsletter?”

She looks shyly to the others, unsure of what to say. I eye the one in the shorts from the corner of my eye. She’s very healthy looking, her shirts not too low but there’s plenty to see. He’d be happier with her.


I turn my attention back to the girl in the dress and smile as I quickly grab for my camera.

“Should I take this off?” says the girl as she begins to hand one of the women her purse, hat and sunglasses.

“Good for you for knowing that…” I mumble. The sun is beating down as the girl stands in the middle of the sidewalk. I look towards the shade.

I push forward through the women. “Maybe we should—“

“No. She needs to be in the shade. Don’t be stupid.” His voice piercing the moment.

He shoves next to me. Just let me do it. Let this be over with.

I look at the girl. Waiting for her picture to be taken. We’re so close. Let me do it.

“Get in the shade.” He orders.

The girl looks unsure now and walks closer to the trees.

“No. NO! In the street get in the street.” He spits through me.

The girl looks and begins to walk into the street. The truck is coming. This is it. I clutch my camera tighter.


NOOOO…. I turn. The women are closer now. “I’m sorry, but this is getting weird.” The woman wearing the hippie pants says. Just like that, our chance is gone. I look down and push forward. It’s time to get out of here.

“You’re so stupid.” He states before darting off once again.


I hope that short tale of spookiness tickled your fancy.

Thank you so much for reading!


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