This Saturday was the Bisbee1000, The Great Stair Climb. Manny, Stan and I were all running together, so I made us matching t-shirts for the occasion. And since this was called The Great Stair Climb, the first thing I thought of was:

which led me directly to the perfect mascot

so, for Saturday the 17th, we were the Space Coyotes!!….and of course, no one got it.

The Great Stair Case Climb was a lot of fun, a lot of climbing, but mostly just fun. Unfortunately, I was the literal ball and chain. Manny, Stan and I all stayed together for the first three staircases, but then Manny got ahead of us and then took off. Being the good husband that he is, Stan grudgingly stayed back with me 🙂  They also have this really cool event, called the Iron Man Ice Competition. Where people carry a block of ice for 155 stairs. If I didn’t have to pay and be watched judged, I would have loved to have tried that one out! But we did get the chance to see some of the competitors. There was actually a man in his 70s making the hike.


I have also come to the sad conclusion that I control the outcome of football.
Ah, yes. Remember that I was in a fantasy football league? Well, so far this season, every time I have won my FF game, the Giants have lost and vice versa…I know quite the conundrum…

i might have also overdressed…

Just a quick follow-up to my American Horror Story Hotel review, I did indeed enjoy the second episode much better than the first. Lady Gaga actually had some good scenes, showed off the Countess’ fierceness. And there was actually a glimpse of a story. I think I’m going to enjoy the rest of the season…knockonwood. What did you think?
Though I must point out, I could do without all the booty shots.
That’s something I could rely on Jessica Lange to do, no..uh..nudity

Stan and I also went to the movies. We saw a moppet double feature: Goosebumps and Hotel Transylvania 2. It took some persuading to get Stan into the latter. But it turned out that we both enjoyed each movie. Goosebumps was like a silly Jumanji. Jack Black as the much less brilliant Robin Williams, but still fun actor who it’s great see working again. Hotel Transylvania 2 is just a really cute, adorable film. They had a really nice surprise wedding scene in the beginning and I believe it was better than the original.
Overall, it’s just nice to have the freedom of watching a movie whenever we want.
IMAG1468 1 Oh and some good news updates from our pros and cons list.
Thankfully both PROS, our dishwasher has started drying our dishes and although Stan was unable to fix our shower head, he was able to switch it with the one in the guest room, which will work until we have company 😛

I read this very interesting article about Generation Y “Yuppies”.
Give it a read through, it’s about the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s.
It’s titled, Why People Under 35 Are So Unhappy and I think it brings up a lot of really thought-provoking points.
I have a lot to be grateful for but I do find myself sad at times. Like I said, this article brings up some food for thought. Especially when it comes to technology and the lack of communication. Just about everyone has a cellphone and internet, yet, I never pick up the phone to call someone. I just text, the only people I ever call are my parents, Grandma and Stan. But I think what truly saddens me has a lot to do with having such an amazing childhood and being so close to my family, then having everyone go their separate ways. I put family first and used to see my cousins just about every weekend and now we live in pretty much the four corners of the country. But enough with the pity party, it’s a good article. enough said.

I hope you guys are all being festive and enjoying your Octobers!
Thank you for reading!

if I was an AT&T representative I would look like, Lily

: PPS :
23 October 41


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