It means, “You are a part of me, a part that I could never live without. And I hope and I pray that I never have to.” Khob-kun-Ka


It all started with a pop…
CAM02726Well…it really all started with another popping and something much more precious,
but for me it all started with a balloon.

I was thrilled when my best mate from High School asked me to be in her wedding.
I’d been in other weddings, but this was my  first friend wedding.

As you know, we got to Arizona on Tuesday and the very next morning, we flew out East.
We arrived late Wednesday and the Wedding Events started Thursday night.

The Bachelorette party was held at Pinot’s Palette. If you haven’t heard of this magical experience, its a place where you can paint and drink wine. It’s amazing! Unfortunately, I was late because I got lost on the way, but the people could not have been friendlier and I was able to easily catch up. Well, I told myself not to start drinking until after I caught up and that was probably not wise, since when I did catch up we were starting on the hard part 😛
Elise and JR's Wedding Bridal Party

Friday, Elise and J.R. had their Catholic ceremony.
It was in this beautiful old church, just around the corner from where the wedding reception was held.Elise and JR's Wedding Blessing 2

You know, how I said this was the first time I was a bridesmaid for a friend?
This was also my first time attending a Jewish Wedding.
And hopefully, not my last. It was so beautiful and traditional.
Elise and JR's Wedding 1

The ceremony also took place at our alma mater.
The one place I would have loved to have held my Wedding outside of Disney.
And to be honest, probably what I was looking forward to most.
Elise and JR's Wedding 2Well, that and getting all dolled up…notice anything different about me??
Elise and JR's Wedding 3

I haven’t gotten confirmation but I’m pretty sure Elise chose a reddish dresses
because we were both on the red team during school.
..yeah, our High School was pretty much like Hogwarts.

But back to the ceremony, it was beautiful and the weather could not have been more perfect.
And in case you’re not Jewish or unfamiliar with a Jewish Wedding ceremony, like I was,
then I will explain some of the traditions* I have photographed below.
These are pictures of the Ketuba. This is the marriage document, a contract written in Aramaic, which outlines the responsibilities of the bridegroom. In ancient Arabia it outlined what would happen to the bride in case of divorce or death of the husband. Nowadays, the Ketuba is a traditional representation rather than an actual legal document.
{Note: Elise actually made her Ketuba by hand!}
Elise and JR's Wedding 8The cocktail hour and reception were so much fun. One of the Maid of Honors was Elise’s sister, who I also went to school with. She has naturally beautiful red hair which she recently dyed light pink! She dyed it platinum for the wedding and I must admit, I’m actually getting used to it. Makes her look very glamorous.

Elise and J.R. are big comic book fans,
so there were little hints everywhere from the music, welcome table,
Elise and JR's Wedding 4

Even the cake!
Elise and JR's Wedding 5

Another tradition* was the Hora, (the couple is lifted into the air while sitting on chairs) While that happened, all of the other guests link hands and dances around them in a circle. This was so exhilarating and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of that, but I did get a picture of the a wedding challah (a large braided loaf of egg-rich bread).  The bread is given a special blessing which is led by the couple and then distributed to all of the tables.
Elise and JR's Wedding 9

My parents came to the wedding and the four of us really cut a rug!
Elise and JR's Wedding 6

and another tradition, which needs no explanation.
Elise and JR's Wedding 7

All and all, it was a wonderful three days…
Elise and JR's Wedding FlowersThe whirlwind weekend did not stop there. Oh no.

Sunday, the four of us partook in a doubleheader.

WfM Double Header Sunday

Here are a few pictures of how our Sunday went:
we started with a little tailgating.

Then we rooted for the home team,
200915 Giants Game

Then I treated myself to help sooth the pain,

Then we traveled to Queens for a much happier game.
200915 Yankees Game

It was a great trip East.
Thank you for reading!
*For more information on Jewish Weddings visit:

PS : 21.09.15 – Week 3 – Instagram Photo Challenge

WfM day 15 something you own but never useIMG_20150917_105601WfM day 17 a picture of something funWfM day 18 anything whatever you want shoesWfM Day 19 what's in your PurseWfM day 20 someone that you loveIMG_20150921_205256


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