Farewell Fort Irwin


As soon as we were free from our wears, we high fived and made a bee line straight for
the Landmark Inn and started Royal Tenenbauming it.

It was so nice having the freedom of cable for the moment, we got to completely dive into

Although most people really hate Fort Irwin, I’m really going to miss this place.
Even though we were secluded from the world,
kept in a confined to our tight little bubble,
but it was still a beautiful place to live.

Here are some photos of our last weekend in Fort Irwin.


the walk to the commissary


confrontation at the taco bell,


grand opening of the new toy department,


little jumper I found,

IMAG0759 (1)


our little splurge at gamestop(!)

fort irwin painted

the painted rocks of Fort Irwin


the coyote

IMAG0765_BURST002 (1)

the neighborhood we used to live in,


sunset on our walk

Our friends who were looking after Annie invited us over for a special adieus dinner Saturday Night.

puppytime 120915

120915 Dinner

120915 AJA

it was a beautiful night, with wonderful friends. Just another reason to miss Fort Irwin.
.the people.

130915 brunch

while looking for food, we stumbled upon this special brunch!
(Champagne wasn’t included..)
football was interrupted yet again for Stan’s farewell ceremony.
I didn’t get to take pictures during the ceremony,
because they actually wanted me to stand up with Stan!
Of course, I was honored but I don’t deserve any spotlights.
Stan's farewell

Stan’s good friend invited us out to dinner last minute Sunday night
to an absolutely wonderful restaurant in Barstow.
Idle Spurs
IMAG0841His friend described the food and decor as something his
Grandmother would make to try to impress people.
I am so happy that we got to eat here at least once in our lifetime.
(Rather disappointed that it was on our last night, but hey, better late than never, right?)
But if you ever get the chance, check it out. The atmosphere is so unique and creative.
I had the house salad, and they make it with shaved eggs and slices of beets and pepper.
Stan had their signature drink, this is not the right spelling,
but its pronounced, “Chillatta.” Tomato Juice mixed with Beer.
IMAG0838the whole atmosphere and decor really reminded me of Florida.
so, there was that.

and now here we find ourselves saying goodbye.

naturally, Stan was much happier than I was to leave.
he had lived there day in and day out for two and a half years.
working in very demanding and stressful conditions.
so for that, I am happy to be seeing Fort Irwin in our rear view mirror.
I pray that our new Post will help ease Stan’s mind, and allow his spirit to heal.

Goodbye Fort Irwin. It was fun while it lasted, but let’s hope we shall never meet again.


thank you for reading.
I hope you all live in a wonderful home
have fulfilling jobs to go to each day.

PS Here are my Instagram posts for week 2:

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pps here is an old photo of Annie from our night at the dog park

WfM LateNightAnnie dog park 2


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