“So what? He’s a kid. He has a family. They move away, he moves away. It’s a packaged deal.”

11 September 15
We took Annie for a checkup on Tuesday. Dr. Amy is such an awesome vet, I feel so sad that we will never meet again. Annie was her usual affectionate self, which often begs the question, how really attached to us is she?? She was such a little trooper, two um…probes, two shots and a mandatory chip embedment and not one peep from Annie!
Though she did try to sit through the probing…


Thursday went much better than we would have expected. I mean, it was very mentally exhausting but overall it just went very smoothly. The packers arrived around 8:30 and packed up our whole house.


I tried not to watch them because,
1. they seem like trustworthy men, and
2. It was hard watching them go through all of our stuff.

I had spent most of Wednesday trying to at least pack all of my things.
Only to watch one of the men go through each box and repack everything single item.
It was very exposing!

Also, they were tagging each box with what was inside, like, our DVDs, Wii U, heart of the ocean, shoes…Stan said it’s like, the high value item list the privates have to do, basically “a shopping list.”


but with that in mind, and the fact that they looked like they did a great job,
I just have to take a leap of faith and trust them.

As you probably guessed, I was unable to attend my last CWOC meeting.
But I got a surprise visit from the President, they got me a going away present!
A box full of moving goodies and a card they all signed. It was so considerate and special.
I’m really going to miss my little support circle.


The movers arrived around 1:00, and they were even nicer than the packers! I can’t believe not more people choose this method…I mean, I don’t want to jinx us because we haven’t seen our stuff unpacked yet…but just watching the movers take care of our furniture, I feel so content. They had blankets for everything and BOXED up our mattress!

IMAG0741move from above

But don’t think the day was without mishap!

why you don’t sneak dark chocolate into your pocket

After saying goodbye to most of the stuff that weighs us down, we brought all of our remaining gear to the Landmark Inn,
where they had free cookies and CABLE waiting for us!

Friday morning, was full of trips to the dump, scrubbing, untethering


and of course, Pizza.


Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I need to get a good night’s sleep.
We have a date with Annie, who has been on an extended sleepover.

thank you for reading,
hope you are all doing well
God Bless America


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