“Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin’ each other…”

07 September 15
(picture heavy post ahead)

While watching Silence of the Lambs for the 800th time,
I realized that my hair is making me look more and more like Senator Martin.

One of the creative challenges I’ve been working on is a 30 Day photo challenge. I finally joined Instagram and have been sharing one photo each day. There were two challenges that I really liked so, some days I’ve combined them or usually I just stick to the Serendipitous things.

I found these on pinterest:
Serendipitous Things: {My Life} 30 Days 30 Photos

30 Day Photography Challenge

Here are the photos from week 1.

WfM day 1 self portraitWfM day 2 something that makes you smile 2WfM day 3 something that you collect

WfM day 4 something that stresses you out

WfM day 5 a cup you drank out of today after darkWfM day 6 someone who inspires youDay 6 runner up

WfM day 7 a picture of your phone 2

I stayed up late Wednesday, creating two desserts for CWOC, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at an Apple Brown Betty and since the kids were invited, I couldn’t help but make something extra sweet…
…plus I’ll take any excuse to use up some of the stuff in our pantry.
I ended up baking 60 mini s’more cupcakes, recipe from: created by Diane
The recipe may seem a bit complicated, but they’re really simple to create. And they were a big hit! Well, big enough since only four kids showed up, but I know the moms sure appreciated them and Stan wasn’t disappointed either to polish off the leftovers.

WfM mini s'more cupcakes

Remember what the theme was?

WfM Nerd 2 Prep

I was a little timid about attending this week,
but it turned out to be the best CWOC meeting so far.
I had some really great conversations and I even won the hula hoop contest!
Of course, I’m finally getting to know everyone now that I’m a week away from moving.

Speaking of moving, I’ve been stressing about organizing everything in time for the movers to get here. I want to make sure everything is secure…but then we got information that we don’t have to pack? That the movers will actually pack everything for us! I’m not sure if I like that but at least we can ease up on the stress level a bit.
Does anyone have experience with the house hold good shipment process?

Long Story Short: Stan brought home this new brew, we’ve been just dying to try!
I don’t want to go into depth about it now, but let me just say it’s definitely worth a swig.

IMAG0479 (1)

Friday, we finally drove out to Calico Ghost Town. Here are some of the sites we captured:

Calico Ghost Town 1

Calico Ghost Town 2Calico Ghost Town 3 - school houseCalico Ghost Town 4 - Maggie MineCalico Ghost Town 5

Calico Ghost Town 6

IMAG0582Calico Ghost Town 7


WfM Calico Ghost Town

We also bought Annie her very first big girl collar! I can’t believe she’s already, 21 weeks old. 5 months!

Annie's Big Girl Collar

Saturday night : Stan hosted our big Fantasy Football Draft!
I was all set

I had two drafts in mind…then the rest were off the cuff.

So, please wish the good ol’ Mud Dogs luck this season!

we’re gonna need it!

So, last week one of Stan’s buddies and his wife and puppy, invited the three of us to a farewell BBQ.
Well, guess whose wallet we found last night on our way to the dog park!
We just happened to go on an unusually late walk,
we just happened to remember to bring a flash light
and we just happened to point it in the exact location.
We ended up extending our walk to his house.
Needless to say, Annie got a good night’s sleep.

did i

thank you for reading,
wish us luck this week,
happy ‘belated’ labor day!


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