“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”


Thursday wasn’t a bad day, let me just clarify that, it was a—different kind of day. It was one of those days that every shoe I wore had a little rock in it. Quick example? I made myself a delicious bowl of soup after I got home and burnt my tongue.

So each time, I felt the urge to be a pessimist, I just kept thinking,

Stan went out to the field; he’ll be gone for about 5 days (not too bad.) I dropped him off in the middle of a dust cloud on the outskirts of Post around 7 o’clock Thursday morning. Then I had to navigate through dispirited commuters. The speed limit on Post for the most part is 25mph. Long Story Short: I know its foolish but I allowed a tailgater to push me into missing my turn and suddenly, the speed limit went from 25 to 45 to 55… Next thing I know, I’m about to drive through the Front Gate back to LA.

CWOC starts at 8:30AM. I chose to make a pie for dessert. Thank you for the suggestions, by the way. I decided to go with the Buttermilk pie my aunt suggested. Here is the recipe: http://www.callmepmc.com/pmcs-buttermilk-pie-call-me-pmc/?utm_medium=viraltag-content-network&utm_source=viraltag-post&utm_campaign=Viraltag
It seemed like a good morning dessert and it reminded me of Fern from Charlotte’s Web.


But be warned, it’s very sweet (I may substitute the sugar next time) and you may need to cook it a bit longer than 45 minutes. The recipe says that, “the center will jiggle slightly but will set” still it was pretty soupy when I cut it open during the meeting. nevertheless, I am glad I made it, it was quite a treat (I had a slice for breakfast Friday morning.)

WfM Buttermilk Pie

The CWOC meeting started out a bit shaky but it became quite inspiring. I arrived a little after 8:30 and long story short: I hope that when I outgrow my rookie newbie persona, I will always remember how it felt to be a greenhorn Army Wife. I’m used to being the new person, changing schools, work, clubs etc. I’m by no means a pro at this, I just know what being an outsider can feel like. And I know how hard it can be to speak up, I guess what I was hoping for was that it would be a little easier with grown women. (Please don’t judge me on that, I know people are people, but why should it be, we should all get along so awfully?)

It got better once all the friendly people started popping in around 9AM. Lesson Learned? Don’t get to CWOC on time, lol.  But seriously, I think people forget how hard it is, especially once you start having children, (one woman had a daughter 5 years younger than me.) Thank goodness my friend Kim arrived when she did, we got to sit together and joke about the worksheets we had been given. Some of the questions were kind of cryptic, “St. Thomas Aquinas says that love is ‘willing the good of the other as other.’” Yeah, Kim and I were confused by that as well, but basically it means doing something for someone without expecting something in return.

Afterwards, I finally brought my books back to the library so they can take my photo off the wall.

I haven’t actually shared this with anyone yet but I donated blood. I like to donate because I assume it feels
like how getting an oil change would feel for a car. Out with the old, allowing room for the new.
I started in college and try to donate whenever I can because I believe it just makes me feel better.

WfM 082015 Blood Drive

I scouted out the donation space just to confirm because I only heard about this event from the Red Cross website. There has been no information posted anywhere on Post. People say there’s nothing to do here, but it’s probably because none of the events are really broadcasted (they were having a little outlet sale next to the Blood Drive.) And in fact, they started posting flyers for a 5K, they started posting them in Subway/Pizza Hut around the 19th and there’s a t-shirt deadline that ended on the 15th… now devil’s advocate: Stan and I have been really busy, so they may have posted it in other areas…but

I am really excited for the 5K; it’s a glow run that starts at 8:30, so Stan should be able to make it.


Well, after I confirmed, I went to subway to eat an Iron enriched salad complete with spinach and green peppers (my iron level tested over 14, booya.) This may be TMI, but at subway, I used their loo before I went to donate. The TP was on one of those rolls that don’t have a stopper at the end and when I reached for it, the roll flew off and spiraled across the floor…

My blood donation went rather quickly, I like to think that means I’m healthy.

When I finally got home, Annie smothered me in kisses and hugs.
So, even with all the little mishaps it was a pretty good day…


          thank you for reading!

-post script-
5 months down…
WfM 5months


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