“Oh, right as rain! Or, as we say around here, `left as rain’, heh heh.”

13 August 2015
Happy Left-Hander Day

(Note: I’m not a Lefty, I just come from a long line of Great Left Handers)

LeftyPride 1

This picture pretty much sums up our first attempt at Mice & Mystics.


Saturday night, we finally walked Annie down to the Dog Park. We tried to get her to jump through the hoop and run in the little tunnel, but she wasn’t into it. And unfortunately, an older dog showed up and his human wouldn’t let him play with Annie. This actually happened again Monday night, but this time we took her to the large dog section, which she enjoyed much better than the smaller one. She got to run up little ramps, like they do in dog shows.
Hopefully, next time, there will be more friendly dogs there!

After our first trip to the dog park, we decided to treat ourselves to some nachos and Space Jam.
WfM 1.2..3...Nachos 2

I know most people hate when others retell dreams nightmares, so let me just show you this:

WfM Nightmare Toy Story 3 End

I woke up early Sunday to go help set up for fellowship at the Chapel. Apparently not early enough, since the room was basically ready! All that was left was to move a few chairs into place, which I did vigorously. While I “organized” the extra chairs, I overheard that there was indeed nothing more to be done and one woman excused herself for choir.
Since I haven’t gone to a rehearsal, I didn’t want to just show up like:

And speaking of choir, I’ve decided to hold off joining until later either Arizona or our next duty station. Partly because I got really comfortable being home with Stan Monday night while cooking dinner. And mostly, because during Mass I noticed that there were only three choir members…it’s just, I’m not really a solo artist!

So, I snuck over to the little grove they have outside and made my first entry into the writing books Stan had given me.


But then I felt guilty and I walked back in. Everyone I had worked with was gone and the nice lady I met from VBS was there. So, it looked like I had just showed up!

So, I made sure to wait Fellowship out…

so I could help cleanup–and volunteer Stan’s muscles once more.


After Mass, we stopped at the PX, where I found something absolutely precious

and something downright dumb…

To celebrate the end of Stan’s Four Day, I finally got to bake this beautiful Marshmallow Mermaid Pie.

WfM 080915 Marshmallow Mermaid Pie WfM Marshmallow Mermaid Pie Steps

And I don’t want to name names but someone in the house scratched me…

WfM 080915 Annie Scratch

Tuesday night, Stan and I attended his Hail and Farewell…well, it started about 45 minutes late and 5 minutes before that we were told that his Farewell was pushed back to next month. Which is unfortunate since the next Hail and Farewell is probably going to happen after we’ve already moved. But at least we got to see some familiar faces.

WfM Auggie Hail n Farewell

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a salad from subway. If you haven’t tried one, do it! They’re delicious, its just like ordering a sub but 10x better! And at the end they chop it all up for you, like a fancy Cobb Salad from the Brown Derby.

I felt kind of bad because the person in the middle putting on all the toppings/veggies was new and unsure. And the girl in front of us ordered a salad too and I’m sure they don’t get a lot of those. Then Stan ordered avocado and the guy serving out the meat had to show her how to scoop it out. By the time she was done with my salad, it was just me and her. And I really wanted to give her some encouragement, but you know, without sounding condescending.
Well, while she was trying to put my salad in the to-go container, I tried to think of how to say, “stiff upper lip, you’re doing a great job.” She decided not to seal the to-go container and just stuck it in the bag wide open.
“We’ll you just lost yourself a pick me up, Missy!”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to head to my first meeting of the Catholic Women of the Chapel.
I got a smile on my face and butterflies in my tummy,
Wish Me Luck!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

PS Annie says Hey.
Annie Pyle


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