“Tonight, we will be partaking of a liquid repast as we wind our way up the Golden Mile.”

-08 August 15-
Happy Birthday, Aunt K!!

We have wonderful news…
They finally reopened a Chinese Food stand inside the PX!!
Update: it wasn’t that great…
Update II: It’s not in the food court, it’s a Food Truck.

Since Stan has been working so hard and hasn’t had a real day off since 4th of July, I wanted to really celebrate his four day weekend in style. Starting with a little dose of Vitamin double C.


And taking it into Thursday, by starting the day with Starbuck’s idea of Butterbeer.

Ask for a Creme Frappuccino base. Whole milk is needed for this to be the right thickness.consistency Add 3 pumps of caramel syrup Add 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup Top with caramel drizzle (current Post wide caramel shortage)

And ended it with a drinking game while watching the third in The Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End. First, we started out listening to the advice of the director:

But 30 minutes in, Stan and I had barely finished a drink (Note: we may have been doing this wrong)…So, we switched to this version:


It was an enjoyable game, but perhaps if we wanted more of a punch we should have switched from Smrinoff Ice to something stronger…

Later, we accompanied Annie for her evening stroll and I received this postcard in the mail.

WfM LocksofLovePostcard

We finally watched the Movie, TEETH…it was all right. Stan didn’t like it, because well, the whole teeth situation and I didn’t really like it because everyone wanted to rape the main character. I mean, it was the ultimate fantasy that she could get revenge on her violators by (Spoiler) castrating them…but still it’s unsettling to watch and think about. All and all, I’m glad we saw it…once. And very glad I didn’t watch this sooner.

Yesterday, we got up early and drove to Victorville for a double feature, our first theater trip since Jurassic World! Unfortunately, they had taken Trainwreck out the day before to make room for Fantastic 4… It was a bit fortunate, since Trainwreck was on my watch list, and not really on Stan’s main list.

We did get to see both films on our conjoined list!
Inside Out and Ant-Man

We watched Inside Out first and by the time we got out and Ant-Man was playing, we had just enough time for lunch, aka
Pizza Friday!


I’m so glad we saw them in that order, because Inside Out was an absolutely wonderful film but an extreme roller coaster of emotion! The story was so good, that I kept getting sucked in and really invested in the characters. I think it’ll be a much more enjoyable watch the second time around, now that I know all the dips and turns.

Ant-Man on the other hand, was a much more relaxing experience to watch, adventurous and funny. Paul Rudd is always just such a delight to watch. Though Stan and I did agree the villain was a bit flat, overall, it was a fun movie.

After our Film Fest, we ventured to Barnes and Noble,
where Stan surprised me with these wonderful books of encouragement…and pressure.

Mice and Mystics is for us.

It was a great day, but we were ready to head back to Post.


Before we went home, we stopped off at PetSmart to get some presents for
poor Annie who was stuck at home all day…the longest we had been away from her.


Annie woke me up early this morning to mostly play.
Once she got back in from doing her business, I found myself in quite a state.
I was too tired to stay up but too awake to fall back to sleep…
…so I took some weird pictures of Annie trying to wake us up.

WfM 080715 LateNightAnnie2

now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re gonna test out our new board game

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend
Thank you for reading!!


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