“I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

05 August 15
*warning* heavy gif post

Stan and I made a pact August 1st to try this exercise thing we saw on pinterest…okay, I made a pact with myself and have yet to get Stan to do it with me. So far, it’s going well. Easy enough, but the squats are starting to get to me a bit.
(Hence, not looking forward to day 12…)

let me know if you decide to try this out and we can root each other on!

So, during dinner Saturday night, Stan’s best man, Jor-El asked if we wanted to have a bull session with him and his Significant Other on the Wii chat…I was excited to dialog with her again since we only met during the wedding and we didn’t get a chance to really talk. (she’s really cool. 3rd year-med-school-kind-of-cool.) Though, the anticipation was for nothing, it was all a ruse for she never appeared and I spent the following hour politely laughing at their jokes while I worked on a new drawing.

And choir was cancelled for Monday night. I couldn’t start last week and I guess I’m not that relieved because I just want to get the first rehearsal over with. My mom keeps telling me to use this time in California to get all the kinks out. I should volunteer for everything so, once we get to Arizona, I’ll know what’s worth volunteering for.

The really queer thing about all this is that I wouldn’t consider myself to be a VERY religious person. I know from this blog I may seem like a real Holy roller, but as I was saying to my cousin, I think I tend to gravitate towards religious groups when I’m in a new situation because I feel like they’re a safe place to meet nice people. Although to be honest, this has not always been the case. When I was in college the religious people were very cliquey, squeezing my friend and I out of being Eucharistic Ministers. Then during the summer before grad school, I tried enlisting in my local church and was basically turned away! (So, I don’t really have a great track record with Catholic organizations) Actually, I just had an epiphany while writing this. This past week, I was volunteering for a Christian Vacation Bible School and when I helped out with VBS back home that was at a Reformed Church near my High School.
….interesting, I must research this more…

Stan didn’t really want me to go the FRG meeting Monday night, I understood since he’d just be coming home at 6:00. But his tune changed real quickly when he read over my invitation for the address and saw that it was being held at the Colonel’s house. That got me anxious since when I received the invitation, I assumed it was the more formal invite to a church gathering I had been invited to the day prior…

I was planning on making a pie, but ended up baking oatmeal cookies.
(They may look like cardboard but they do taste like cookie)

Note: I did not say oatmeal raisin, not a huge fan of the raisin…cannibals really.

Overall, it went well. I mean, I embarrassed myself to an extent but as I know I’m already socially awkward to begin with and since I won’t really be seeing these women ever again after September, I didn’t really care…you know? It’s just, it was one of those events when everyone knows one another and you would rather just sit and people watch but you feel like a weirdo creeper for not contributing-But since everyone is really nice to you, you don’t really feel the need to open your mouth-But then it’s quickly turning into one of those weird social situations where you go to a party and just end up being there for decoration and you really don’t want to regress back to your teen years-so you try to think of something clever or witty to say-But then since you feel the pressure mounting you can only think of lame and mediocre things to say
…yeah, it was one of those types of situations.

More in depth look at the “coffee” : (Feel free to skip the next several paragraphs)

I kept to myself for the most part and nodded happily with the conversations around me. It was fun to listen to everyone talk about things I’m slowly starting to relate to. For example, I could relate to actually enjoying the elbow room while Stan is on rotation from time to time. And I guess I can relate to having a baby, in like having a puppy?

To an extent! The pressure of having to keep another life alive. It’s hard enough training Annie,
but with a baby you can’t just put the baby out in the yard to exercise.

Now, this statement will be my part I mantra for the next two months: “I feel bad that I’m leaving now that I am finally starting to settle in.” And of course, the first words out of my mouth got me in the hot seat. Which leads me into part II: “I’m glad that we’re leaving and I’ll be meeting all new people I can embarrass myself in front of…” One of the nice women I met, asked me where I belonged, what’s my husband in. That’s pretty much how she said it, she did not use the word “troop.” I was confused and said “Eagle Horse” and she gave me a confused/patient smile and then explained. And I realized she meant Killer Troop. Good thing she clarified because later I had to relay that information to the room and to make it worse, when I rehashed the story to Stan he informed me that he was actually no longer in Killer… “I’m glad that we’re leaving and I’ll be meeting all new people I can embarrass myself in front of…”

But most of the women were very nice or really funny; One woman told this hilarious story about her embarrassing this soldier who wanted to hit on a Lieutenant’s wife. To be fair, he didn’t know she was married, BUT seriously, she was at a fundraiser event on post and in all honesty, what single women would be on post??

I ended up talking with this woman for over an hour. We actually have a lot in common, we’re both the same age, recently married with no kids. I just graduated grad school and she’s currently in grad school. We both also enjoy playing video games, even though our skill levels are low. Thus, we like watching our husbands play story driven games. She also said something I thought was surprising, since she seemed so outgoing. She said, “I’m an introvert, so I really need to pump myself up for things like this.” Amen, Sista! Side Note: I got her number. I told her I would like to volunteer with the ball set up while I’m still on base, and she said I didn’t have to volunteer to hang out with her… but after our conversation, she may take that back! Lol.

Yeah, we’re having a military ball on post this year. During the meeting we discussed fundraising ideas and I was interested in helping out with the decorations…the military ball is being held November 24th…of course.

By 8:20, we were joking about not wanting to be the first person to leave but everyone was starting to stand up. So, we said our goodbyes and parted…I was going to make a break it but my conscience told me, “No, be an adult and say goodbye to the people you just met and thank your hostess.” So, I mingled stalkishly in the crowd smiling and nodding politely while waiting my turn. And I seriously, don’t know what I was thinking when I did this.
I think my mind was just on overload and when this girl put her hand out, I went in for a hug….WHY? Why did I do that? I’m not a hugger?? But she was polite about it and hugged me. And when I turned to make my getaway, the hostess walked back in. After standing and nodding through another story, I finally got my chance and it was a whirlwind…lets leave it at that.

I started walking and was quickly greeted by a much needed sight.
My husband had walked from home to meet me with Annie.

I know you guys are probably rolling your eyes at my nerves by now…but sorry…its just how I roll.

Last night, Stan came home from work with two surprises: cheerios and this:

lucky me!

And while we caught up on “Wet Hot American Summer”
I finished this odd eyed/bottom heavy present for a certain special someone…


thank you for reading and I hope you’re all having a lovely week!


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