“And you can forget about watching TV while you’re eating!”

26 July 15

The Vacation Bible School orientation went well Thursday night. Attending the meeting helped me feel a lot better. Pretty much my job is just to guide the children to each activity and make sure they stay safe!
I also learned that I’m tribe leader for the tribe Benjamin B.


I have an assistant tribe leader, her name is Beth. I got to meet her and she seems pretty nice.
A little quiet, like me…hopefully, that’ll make us a great team.
They gave us each this Hometown Huddle kit.


After I got a quick tour of the classrooms, I came home to an extremely romantic sight…
Stan had made us dinner! It was delicious.

Friday ended up being quite a great day. I went to the Chapel at 10 o’clock to help decorate for VBS. I wasn’t so sure how long I would stay, especially since I don’t know anyone, but I ended up staying until 3:30.

WfM 120715 BeforenAfter The Chapel

It ended up being a very lovely experience.

WfM 072415 VacationBibleSchoolDecorations Day

We took an hour lunch, I wanted to work straight through, but then Stan got lunch off, so we met at the bowling alley. Stan had to go to a reenlistment ceremony and invited me to join him…little did I know he was playing an extremely intricate part in the ceremony. He was the one swearing the two soldiers into the National Guard!
I was so impressed/ extremely proud of him.

WfM 072415 Reserves Oath

After decorating, I decided to walk a bit, since Stan was still working. I made a quick stop at the Post Office to send out some belated gifts, the guy working there couldn’t have been friendlier.


Then I went to the Library to try to fill the void…and I ended up finding this??? It was just too odd to pass up.


(word for word, the library describes it as, “a recovering alcoholic/drug addict/gambler tries to win back his wife by going to Las Vegas to find his 20 year old niece, who is currently living there as a hooker. He swears off all partying, can he do it? Fat chance!” That’s exactly what is says on the back cover. A critic actually calls it, Ferris Bueller going through a midlife crisis! I’m telling you, this film looked way too weird for me to just pass up.)

For dinner, we decided to make our own Pizza. (The dough needs work, but it was deliciously cheesy!)

WfM 072415 Pizza Friday

We had a little playdate on Saturday. We invited a couple over and they brought their Golden, Julie and Husky, Aspen. Annie just loves playing with the big boys! She actually cried at the door after they left!
(Eventually we need to get her a little brother or sister to play with, lol)


Sunday…Sunday, was a little mini-kiddie emotional roller coaster. Since, we’re probably moving in September, I told the women in charge of CCD, that I couldn’t teach but I would love to help out. They, asked me if I wanted to assist on Sunday with signing teachers up….The key word there, I saw was “assist.” Well, one thing led to another and I was put in charge of the whole thing! She actually asked me to make an announcement! Well, long story short, it went smoothly. I ended up just going to tables and asking people to sign up. I must admit, I was being a little sexist and aiming mostly to women, but to be fair none of the men I asked were interested.

But as an interesting side note: I signed Beth’s dad up to co-teach with his wife. Isn’t that a great idea? I hope I can talk Stan into doing that with me one year!

Tomorrow is my first day of Vacation Bible School…
I am extremely nervous! I keep reading over the lesson plan they gave me
trying my best to channel my nerves in the right direction.

thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!


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