“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things.”


I went to my first and hopefully only Military Memorial Service. This is also the first time I actually went to a service for someone younger than me and perfectly healthy. This soldier’s death remains a mystery. He passed away on June 19th 2015, which made him barely, 22. I first heard of his passing while Stan was visiting for the weekend at my parent’s home. Of course, I felt bad for him and his family but being so far removed from the situation, that was that. Today, when Stan came home to change after PT, he told me that they were holding a memorial service in his honor today after lunch.

I went with Stan to show my support, even though I had never met this young man and Stan only spoke to him a few times. The chapel was packed to the gills and we were forced to stand for the entirety of the service. The severity of the situation just hit me then, while I was reading over the program. In his obituary, it said that Game of Thrones was his favorite television show. This young man was 22 years old, just barely a year younger than my cousin, Derby. The moment felt so real when I was looking over his pamphlet and I almost lost it when they really delved into the traditional Army send off.

After the eulogy, the Squadron Commander, the Company commander, as well as a fellow soldier all gave tribute to their fallen comrade. They all spoke of the different and wonderful experiences they had with him. After a moment of silence they did something called, “Last Roll Call.” Which was truly heart wrenching. They read of a few names, and the people called back and then they read the young man’s name, to which of course he did not respond. They read it three times, before someone called back confirming that the young solider was no longer with us. Then they proceeded right into the “Firing of Volleys.”

I can’t imagine how terrible this must be for his family. It’s hard enough when someone dies after being sick, or even after a horrific accident, but to just pass away with no explanation, especially to someone so young. I guess the only thing I can say is that I really feel for his family.


Stan also went on rotation last Friday. Which means, he’s been working long hours, with no lunch breaks. This was through the weekend. Today, he’s going into the field. Which means, I won’t be able to see him for at most two weeks. (There might be a chance that I’ll see him in between now and the 29th) I must admit that I’m rather spooked about this. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to accomplish while Stan is away, I’d like to surprise him with a few. So, hopefully, I can keep my mind away from what goes bump in the night.

Stan is also playing the enemy team during rotation, so he can wear civilian clothes. I’ve been trying to talk him into drawing an evil mustache on himself…I’ll update you my progress later.

I bought myself a treat last week. I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I was in High School and I finally found one in Michaels…but then I was waiting. However, I need a work station and Stan inspired me to look into it. And fortunately, it was on sale. It arrived on Monday and took me little under 2 hours to put together!!

WfM Art Desk

And Annie so pleasantly gave me my first project…

WfM Annie Shredder

~ take care ~



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