Help me, Lis! That giant fly stole my body and now he’s trying to kill me!

05 July 2015

Okay, backing up a little to the weekend before last…

We ended up leaving Annie on Post with a friend. I was very nervous, especially when Stan’s friend opened the door and introduced us to his Akita mix and big black lab! At first Annie was a little intimidated, trying to hide from these big brutes. My mind didn’t ease when I saw who was waiting in the backyard…a rather big and muscular German Shepard. Stan and I quickly considered just giving his friend the keys and allowing him to visit Annie at our home…that is until the Akita showed Annie how friendly she was. By the time we left, Annie was so busy playing that she hardly cared we were gone. Stan’s friend was very kind and sent us pictures and two videos revealing to us just how confident Annie had become.

WfM Annie's the Alpha Now

She was not only confident, but she had become the Alpha of the pack!

Meanwhile, I was my usual awkward self.

Example, you ask? I always feel awkward when it comes to actually showing emotions…perhaps Middle School is to blame? I don’t know, but

      Sometimes I really wish I could be a Hermione                               Yet, more often than not, I’m a Batman.


Like, when we finally saw Rose, she went in for the hug and for a split second, I started to dodge out of the way to make room for her mom…”okay, doofus, she’s trying to hug the person she hasn’t seen each day for the past three months.”

But then again, it was perfectly fine, we had a delicious buffet and Saturday was full of cocktails and sightseeing. And tons of games! …and they were my kind of games, name five songs from Grease, kind of games. I need to work on my timing but this weekend was a lot of fun.

Stan and I stayed at New York New York, a hotel so nice they named it twice.

WfM NewYorkNewYork

We enjoyed one of the many delicious cocktails at the Chocolate Bar.
They have this delectable “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup martini.
Which I highly recommend.


New York New York has a really great design to it. It kind of feels like you walked into the New York section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you know without the wholesomeness. The entrance to the parking garage is like the back of a construction site, its just great all the stuff they added to make it “New Yorky”. (This is coming from a Disney gal, so I eat all this up.) They even have this taxi cab themed roller coaster, which flies you around the outside of the hotel. We did not partake in that, though Rose and her Beau did partake in one of the rides on the Stratosphere. I partook in the view.

WfM stratosphere

After lunch at the great Irish Pub in New York New York (try their Michael Collins), we walked to Mandalay Bay to see the aquarium. I was a little hesitant, since I’ve been to my fair share of aquariums, but I’m so glad we went. The atmosphere is really serene and the architecture was just gorgeous.
Overall, it was a very lovely aquarium, with all kinds of of beautiful and interesting creatures.

WfM Sharks

WfM KomodoAnnieLegs

WfM aquarium life LAS

My favorite, of course, being this ‘little’ guy.

WfM Gator

(a dream of mine always being..)

Overall, like most good things, this weekend went by all too quickly.


WARNING: There has been a spider siting quickly proceeded by a spider murder.

No, not that kind of spider.

The scary, deadly kind….Now, I used to be really deathly afraid of spiders like I assume most Americans. I was afraid to go into my dad’s bathroom off the mudroom, because Daddy Longlegs would hang out in there. Now, that I’m more “mature,” I’d like to believe that my love of animals have extended to the more…unpleasant species… Okay, now I’m nowhere near where my Aunt and cousin Derby are, they are so unafraid of spiders that they’ll hold one in their hand to allow it to go free.

I try to be that humane with non-threatening bugs, even small spiders I’ll try to transport them on a piece of paper. BUT for spiders it depends on their girth and quickness. I don’t know if any of you remember that big monster we found in Ireland? I’m sorry, that thing is on its own! Just like last night…

It was after 9:00 and I was standing outside enjoying the night air with Annie, while she did her business.

I looked back at the house and spotted a rather unsettling spider.

No, not quite… well, needless to say, I asked Stan if he could bring over his work boots. and well, we killed it….now I’m just waiting for the repercussions.

And it didn’t help that after I told this story to my Aunt, she reminded me that I probably have worse things to worry about…



One of the good things about living in the desert: The intense heat and unforgiving sunshine makes pooper scooper duty extra easy.

Poor Stan had such a hectic day. First he had to skip lunch due to an emergency. Thank Goodness, I’ve been toying around with crafting the perfect cucumber sandwich (don’t ask) so at least he had something in him! He said he would be back but he turned out having to stay until 8! And then, after all three of us were tucked in watching Seinfeld, he received another emergency call! (different emergency) It was close to midnight, so I suited up alongside him and the three of us went to the office.

That’s right, Annie had her first late night adventure!

no, not quite…it was more like

WfM Girls Night Out

I was a bit nervous and rather embarrassed when we first walked in. I thought we were going to be alone in the office…yet there were three other men there! They looked through Annie and me as if we were furniture. So, I took that as our cue to venture on a brief walk. The night was a peacefully warm one, a bit eerie but serene nonetheless. But I was enjoying the exercise and chance to give Annie a little leash time outside from the blaring sun.

After about 10 minutes, Stan called me and ushered us into a back door. The office was huge, with multiple desks and a huge American flag on the wall. (so cool!) While Stan typed up his report, I kept walking Annie around, back outside and in again….There were to be no accidents on my watch!

But she was so good. No accidents, no nipping, nor howling… I don’t want to jinx myself but I really think she’s beginning to learn. We have a long way to go, but at least she seems to be on board. And I had a really pleasant thought as Annie and I walked outside for our last walk of the night.
What a strange place we’ve found ourselves in.
And I’m so happy that I have Annie to share this wonderful adventure with me.

WfM LateNight 06.30.15 2


We had our first thunder storm! It awoke us around 2:30AM and it’s still raining now. I’m so happy, that’s something I’ve really missed.

I love listening to the rain and I love being inside during a thunderstorm!

….though I do not like the house playing tricks on us. At one point, a noise from the dining room scared Annie. She jumped right into bed with us. I thought it was cute until the noise she heard actually sounded like someone had broken into the house! It seriously sounded as if someone was standing in the dining room dripping water onto the floor.

After I was reassured that we were alone, I tried to just listen and enjoy the tempest.

Here is a lovely picture of the sky the morning after the storm and before the next one.


I received my bridesmaid’s dress from Elise…. and I am an idiot. Not sure if I just missed the memo or what, but this whole time, I’ve been adding hints of purple to things when in reality the dresses are cranberry!

WfM E's bridesmaid dress first fitting

Also, I bought this dress when I was at my prewedding weight, so I guess I really do need to go on that diet!



Stan started the morning by making me a homemade breakfast burrito, then we went to work! We finally bought our couch! Stan got his comfy videogame chair and I got my nightstands. (though they are currently being used as a doggiegate, so maybe I should clarify that Annie received some nightstands?) The day actually went much smoother than I had thought.

First, we went to the furniture store and bought our items. At the register we signed up for the Military Star Card, so we could get 10% off of everything. (Side Note: We got 10% off for anything we purchase at the PX and other stores that take it So, we went crazy and bought a giant bag of puppy chow!)

Second, the furniture store has a $75 flat rate moving fee, but they only ship on Thursday, once an item has been purchased on Wednesday before a certain time. Which is fortunate that we missed it, because we learned that we could rent a Penske truck for $30 for 3 hours! This is also, where my ADD was tested…the truck is somewhat easy to rent, there’s just A LOT of paperwork to go through. (Which is understandable, but seriously, it felt a bit obsessive, when all was done, we only had the truck for 1 hour and 13 minutes, and drove it a little over a mile.)

Third, I set the timer on our phone and we were off, I traded my Military ID for one of those hand carts. Which was so helpful and of course, Stan’s videogame chair was the hardest piece of furniture to move and the hardest piece to make fit once we were moved in.

WfM 07.02.15 moving day


Annie went on her longest walk yet and enjoyed her first swing ride.
She was so tuckered out that she slept for most of the morning.

WfM First Swing Ride 07.03.15

Later, while taking Annie for another…less successful yet ultimately promising walk. We bumped into this new family. A mother with three children, two girls, a boy and a great big, Great Dane! Of course, Annie wanted to play with him and the kids were more than happy to play with Annie. And of course, me being me, I gravitated more to the kids than the actual adult in the situation. The boy was the youngest and was so cute, his older sister asked if Annie was a Golden Retriever and the brother exclaimed how cool it was that Annie could retrieve gold! …Awwwwww……

They just arrived not too long ago and the girls kept telling me that they’d be willing to puppysit for us. The mother confirmed their availability, since they are all home schooled….all I can think of now, is how we could possibly bump into one another again!

Happy 4th of July!

Stan decided we should throw an impromptu 4th of July Party. Two of his buddies from Infantry school are here training, so he wanted to invite them over. (This was not decided on until Friday afternoon, then he decided to invite one of his other fellow Lieutenants and his girlfriend. By Saturday morning, we had eight people coming over and no menu! I started bringing up all of our video games, movies, art supplies and all other bulky stuff up stairs on Friday. But we still had a lot to do, I can’t believe we pulled it off!

I tried recreating the watermelon basket my mom made when I was little.  It’s not as perfect as she did, but there’s always next year. Stan gave me the idea to mix the watermelon with vodka. Have you ever heard of that? I think I may have put too much vodka into it.


After dinner, we put on the very appropriate film, Independence Day. I never enjoyed it more, than viewing it with four soldiers. It was very funny. We were also fortunate enough to have a nice view of the fireworks.

WfM 07.04.15 Fireworks

WfM 07.04.15 Food 2

WfM 07.04.15 Freedom Brownies

All in all, it was a great 4th.


but perhaps we should have introduced Annie to Disney through a different movie…

WfM 07.05.15 Annie watching Hunchback

thank you for reading!


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