This might be a little late but I just want to add my two cents.

Now, I really don’t mean to be preachy or go all political here. This is actually the first controversial thing I’ve ever shared outside of the safety of my loved ones. I just want to explain my beliefs instead of just appearing to be going along with popular opinion.

I support gay marriage not because it just makes sense. Who am I to stand in the way of another person’s happiness? Who am I to say that the love between two people of the same sex is any less than the love I have for my husband. And who am I to tell a homosexual that they are not entitled to the same benefits that any other married couple is entitled to?

The only objection against gay marriage that I can find plausible would be the religious aspect. I really don’t want to bash anyone’s beliefs, please believe me. I try my best to be like my friend, Leigh. She is an extremely tolerant and an understanding person. She is the first to think a rude person is just having a bad day. So please believe me when I say I don’t mean to offend people who are strong of faith. I’m just trying to convey my thoughts on a rather touchy subject.

As you can guess from my cover image, I am a Christian. Catholic to be exact and I’d like to consider myself a practicing Catholic. I may not go to Church every Sunday but I attended Sunday school for eight years and have received five out of the seven sacraments. I’ve always respected our Popes, even when I have not agreed with their teachings.

I agree with Pope Francis’ stance on gay people. I don’t fully know his views on gay marriage, but I do agree that Catholics spend too much of their time fighting over the wrong issues. I can understand that there are hot button issues that are important for some people. That certain issues just seem wrong to some people, but I don’t agree with dragging God’s teachings through the mud.

Jesus was a poor man, protecting the poor and the downtrodden of society. He spent his time healing the sick and forgiving people who wished to be forgiven and learn from his teachings. I believe that Jesus was a tolerant person who would not turn his back on someone just because they were different. I firmly believe that if Jesus was alive today that he would not turn his back on a gay man or a lesbian.

Jesus was about love, togetherness and healing, not prejudice and hate.

Other than religious beliefs, I seriously cannot understand why people can be against gay marriage, except for the fact that they are afraid. And you know what, I’m a little afraid too. Change is scary, the world is constantly changing. People were afraid of freeing the slaves and giving women the right to vote. I’m not a parent yet, but I can understand how raising my child in a world different from what I was raised in could be scary. Heck, I’m scared about my kids needing laptops in kindergarten!

But seriously the bottom line is: aren’t there much bigger “problems” out there that deserve our attention more than this?

Please remember this is just one person’s opinion. I know a lot of people won’t agree with my beliefs on Jesus. I feel a little foolish even posting my thoughts on something so controversial, but it’s important to voice one’s opinion from time to time.
I may just be one person but:


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