“Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!”

I’m finally back to where I’m meant to be and [knockonwood] I won’t be leaving Stan/California again until September. Coming back to post Sunday night was a bit off, but with each new day, I’ve been finding myself and really settling into my new life. I did enjoy being able to be at home with my family for a moment but I’m really happy to dive into being an Army Wife.

Both, Stan and I feel that we need to take off a few pounds and take better care of ourselves. To quote Stan, “the honeymoon is over we need to get back on track.” So, we’re going to try to eat better and exercise more.


We got a much welcomed surprise. The washer and dryer bundle was delivered a day early! (No joke, purchasing this bundle has been one of the most challenging experiences. Long story short: we bought it three times and all three times Sears couldn’t process it. The first time, they canceled our order because they got the billing address wrong. The second time, we had to cancel because they were shipping it to NJ, instead of CA. The third time, they kept postponing the date of delivery without giving us a reason. (They just kept changing their answers!?) It was just an extremely odd experience.

And fourth times the charm, because they arrived safely and everything is all set. The coolest part of this, is that the washer and dryer is so much nicer than we thought. We didn’t buy the big deluxe model or anything, but this one has such a pleasant sound when you start the machine and when it tells you its finished. It’s like it’s singing you a song or something.

I was joking with Stan, when we came back from getting groceries that I really feel like a married couple. I was beyond excited to do laundry! And that’s exactly what I did for the next two days.

I don’t think I mentioned this but I’m volunteering with the Vacation Bible School on post. With everything that’s going on today was the first day I could meet with the director and pick up some of the paperwork I need to fill out. The director asked Stan, I thought was a bit of a silly question, he asked me what he did. Stan said he works on post, to which the director replied, “You’re a civilian worker?” Please forgive me, because this is all new to me…but do I really look like the soldier in this situation?


Remember that picture I took of our fence when the wind blew it down and how I was embarrassed by the weeds? Well, that was nothing. When we came home, Stan opened the gate for Annie and me and said, “Welcome to the Jungle”….he was not kidding.

IMG_2359 IMG_2360

Fortunately, I remembered to bring my gardening gloves, so Annie and I had a little girl time in the backyard. I don’t know if this is weird or if you can relate, but there is just something so satisfying about pulling weeds.

IMG_2389 IMG_2394

So far, Annie has been ‘pretty’ good. She’s still likes to pull our hair. Sometimes in the morning, I feel like just letting her chew my hair but then I remind myself that I really would prefer not to have a bald spot.


I’ve been trying to get the house organized, especially Stan went with me to the volunteer meeting…I know that’s a bit childish but 1. He was just going to sit with me until it started and 2. I usually go solo to everything, so I’ve earned a little safety blanket time. I also had a feeling that I’d be the only one in class and just as I had suspected, I ended up being the volunteer there!

Before I left, the director told me that I needed to be finger printed but they only fingerprinted on Wednesday. So, he asked me to go to the office tomorrow and “sweet talk” the lady…

Let’s just say, that’s not my strong suit.


I had a pretty tough night with Annie. We’ve been down stairs all week. She keeps pulling my hair in the morning and biting my arms and wrists. My right forearm looks like I’ve tried to cut myself but I’m too afraid to break the skin! My mom and I have come to the conclusion that by allowing Annie and Gracie to bite one another while they were playing, now they believe that’s an appropriate thing to do.

Then she was sleeping most of the early morning, before Stan came home for lunch…Maybe I should just become a night owl with Annie…

We stopped by the furniture store to price out some couches before Stan dropped me off to get finger printed. I almost chickened out and fibbed that she wouldn’t let me get finger printed until next week. But the woman there could not have been sweeter. (By the way he insisted I sweet talk her, I expected someone more…)

Turns out my prints for the ring finger and pinky finger on both hands are very weak. While she tried to redo them, she asked me if I worked in the medical field. I told her no, I did not. She went on to explain how Doctors and nurses have the worst finger prints, even people who work with kids. Basically, people who use a lot of hand sanitizer, which outlines my germaphobe habits perfectly. I also wanted to joke that, I guess this means if I ever steal anything I should just use my ring and pinky fingers but something told me she would not have been amused…

Annie keeps biting us at night.
Biting our wrists, arms, calves and ankles.
Stan and I keep huddling in between attacks thinking…


We’re going to Vegas today, Stan’s sister, Rose is celebrating her 21st birthday in style! His parents, Rose and her Boy Friend are flying in today. Not quite sure what they have planned but all I want is a tall margarita in a novelty cup and I’m good to go!

I’m really excited to go don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t want to leave Annie. Stan’s friend agreed to puppysit for us. And as I mentioned, I want her to have a thick skin and not be spoiled but I just don’t want her out of my sight!

Remember when I told you that I feel like certain pets come into our lives at a certain time for a reason? Annie is so cuddly and so precocious and curious that she’s here in our lives at this moment to cement the fact that we should definitely wait on having children.

Oh and one thing, I just learned today is that it’s 6/26 Day!

He’s one of my favorites because he reminds me a lot of Murphy.

Thank you for reading!

Oh and by the way


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