“it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them”


Went much better than I thought. I kept an extremely low profile the first hour. The only people I was bumping into were alumnae from the 70s and 80s. They didn’t ask me questions so I gave them no answers. I gave myself a tour and took pictures of some of the things that were different from my time in school.

This beautiful mural wasn’t there, instead a payphone stood in its place.

IMG_2167 IMG_2168

These lounges were not this colorful.

IMG_2217  IMG_2173

On my way home, I bumped into two Alums from the 70s. They walked in and said, “This is SO different. Oh my God, this room used to be filled with smoke! And the carpet was red! And full of burn marks!” I walked down to the common room where other Alums explained to me how they watched General Hospital in there. One woman, said, “Didn’t Luke and Laura get married here?” On my way out this woman, looked into the Senior Lounge and explained, “It doesn’t smell like smoke in here!?!”

This mural wasn’t up when I was here. And one of the 70s women, said that it’s motivational quote would’ve been defaced in her days…which made me feel a bit geeky.


This loud speaker and cage over the window was definitely not there…though my class might have had something to do with the latter…

IMG_2165 IMG_2166

The road was paved the year after I graduated and this relaxing bench was not there.

IMG_2174   IMG_2175

Aside from our new High Tech Science Center and waiting area

IMG_2179   IMG_2180

the biggest change is probably this wall.


This wall used to be a door that led to my French class. They tore down the wall and extended the math class!

During all this, I decided to leave my mark and wrote GO RED in multiple classrooms, from the theatre, art center and Library. (There’s going to be a Red/Blue softball Game tomorrow)


I also noted how whoever put up the balloons must have been on the Blue Team!!

WfM RedBlue Balloons

I did get to go to the school store and found the perfect present for that super-secret thing I mentioned before. Something cute, nothing big. I’ll take a picture of the gift I’m making once it’s completed.

So, after my self-guided tour, I was still rather nervous. I actually got close to giving into my nerves and going home. I was really close to just leaving without actually talking to anyone, but then I bumped into two girls that were graduated a year behind me. We were never really close to them during school but what’s the big? What’s the worst that could happen if I hung around a little longer, at least I had some familiar faces. And you know what? I’m so glad, I stayed. I ended up leaving after 9:00….I was tailgated most of the way home…but I won’t get into that rant. LoL


Overall, it was just a wonderful day. I’m so happy that I went and got to see my two favorite teachers, a Senior I idolized as a freshman and some of my best friends I haven’t seen in years. Mom and I went to the softball game…unfortunately, Blue won. Perhaps I should join an intermural league, so I can play next reunion!

During the Gala, we got to have a really nice conversation with my art teacher. His son is taking this amazing “cross country” trip across America. I say that in parenthesis, because it’s not just an East to West trip, him and two of his buddies packed up their motorcycles and visiting each of the four corners, and up to Alaska. Visiting all 50 states is on my “Bucket List,” and this 5 month long journey is just very incredible.

I also got to see my past adviser and one of the seniors that I idolized as a freshman. I feel bad that I didn’t get a photo of the three of us, because really, when will I ever be in their company again? Both women are extremely driven and passionate about what they do and I must admit, I have always been a bit intimidated around them…Marriage and relocating were my excuses this year, next reunion I better get cracking.

I especially thought this after listening to all of the speeches during dinner. They were all very inspiring and I couldn’t help but feel like such a slacker in comparison to these women, some are really focusing on their dreams and others dreams are totally focusing on helping others to achieve theirs.

Once I get back home, I really need to step it up. As my mom would say, “Get your helmet on and get in the game.”

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t allow my nerves to get the better of me, it was a really great weekend. And times like these really cement the fact I’m so happy to be fortunate enough to be part of such an amazing and unique school.

Thank you for reading!


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