“Michelle and I have this high school reunion to go to, and we need to show up in a really cool car.”

12 June 2015

Today, is the day my High School is having their 50th Anniversary. Last time I went to a reunion, I just went for it, signed up and didn’t ask any of my friends if they were going. Luckily, two of my friends ended up going (Sisters, one of whom was one of my bridesmaids.) I couldn’t believe I didn’t ask anyone, aside from them everyone else was about 10 years older. This year one of my best friends is going and one of my favorite teachers is getting an award. I’m really excited to see him, he moved to Maine the year I graduated and I haven’t seen him since. His wife, was actually the woman who interviewed me before I got into the school! I’m really excited…but I’m also really nervous. I’m proud of the woman, I’ve become don’t get me wrong…but career wise, I feel like everyone is gonna be really disappointed in me.

I’m a good student, but I have a very loooong way to go. I really wish Stan would be there with me, at least he makes me look impressive. Everyone is always so impressed with him. He’s strong, smart and down to earth. He’s not one of those guys that get stuck in his head.

I finally finished my Thank You Notes yesterday!! A nice sigh of relief…I put so much thought, time and energy into them that by yesterday I just stated, “I want these Thank Yous out of my house!!” lol.

I’m planning on mailing them on my way to the reunion…Oh boy, speaking of which, I got a nice tune up yesterday. I got my nails done, painted red in honor of my High School, GO RED!! (The whole school was separated into two teams, Red vs Blue.) Another motivation: Stan and I watched the movie, “It Follows” and the main character had really cute, short nails. Ever since, I’ve been dying to try it!

Then I had to get waxed, my face tends to get on the furry side. I’ve been waxing my Brows since I was in Middle School but slowly I graduated to brows and lip, then chin, then well, pretty much I have to wax my whole face now! As my mom would say, “Oh, the joys of being a girl!”

Okay, update, I have about an hour and a half before my event. Good News… My parents are going to a Wedding, so we decided that the best idea would be for me to drive mom to meet dad at my Nana’s house and then I’ll just go from there since my HS is just 10 minutes away. I got my Thank Yous out in the mail!!!

…Bad News: Remember that best friend that was going to the reunion? Turns out she meant tomorrow! Yipes…what was I thinking??? I keep thinking about Sunday and how great it’ll be for these two days to be memories. I’ll be happy that I went, but right now, I really wish I wasn’t… And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind going solo, before I met Stan, I was the solo champ….But it’s the small talk!! I’m not a cute kid anymore that can get away with an adorable grin. I actually have to open my mouth!

Well, I better get my hair in curlers and the proper amount of caffeine in me…

Wish Me Luck!


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