“You know, most kids hope for a car for their 16th birthday, not a country!”

02 May 2015

Just to explain a few things, I flew back to New Jersey on Sunday, because Murphy and Evie were diagnosed with Cancer on Monday, April 20th. Just to clarify, it came to a complete and utter shock to my parents and me. Especially since we took them to the vet right before the wedding for a checkup and they were fine. Our brilliant and kindhearted Vet told us that what Murphy has is the silent killer…I don’t mean to seem naïve but I’m praying that she’s wrong. Evie had a large mass on her spleen and had surgery to have her spleen removed last Thursday. Fortunately, Stan will be on rotation for most of May, so I took this opportunity to spend time with my pups…taking as many pictures and videos as I can.


 When I arrived on Sunday, I was completely shocked by Murphy’s subdued behavior. He was so not himself, but (knockonwood) each and every day I’ve noticed how he’s getting stronger and more like Murphy. He actually dug into the trash Wednesday night…my dad was annoyed but my mom and I clapped for his return to normalcy.


 For the most part, I’ve been staying in with Murphy and Evie since I arrived. But I have gone out a few times, mostly for errands with my mom. But I did get a nice blast from the past treat…my first Rita’s of the season! (Every day since the start of spring in 8th grade my mom and I would go to Rita’s after school to distress from the horrors that was Middle School, lol)


My Dad and I took our first bike trip of the season. I would love to somehow get my bike out to California, but being the super paranoid person that I am, I’m really nervous about the idea of properly using a bike lock…

I’ve been taking advantage of cable since I’ve been here. The only things I really miss is the morning news and King of the Hill reruns. Tuesday, I saw a cooking segment on the Today Show featuring how to properly scorch romaine lettuce. (I had this once in a restaurant in Maine and have been trying to recreate it ever since.) I made it for my mom and me for dinner tonight, and Attempt One was decent. Not awful, not amazing but…tasty.


Mad Men was really good this weekend. It’s been my favorite episode all season, it feels like the old show again. I just love seeing Pete and Trudy scenes. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the previous episodes from Season 7-B, I just want more since we now have just 3 episodes left! I have no idea how they’ll tie everything up by then… I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Game of Thrones yet since my parents don’t watch it and I didn’t want to interrupt Mad Men. I still need to finish it. But I did enjoy the Margaery scenes, she’s a good addition to the cast. I just love that smirk of hers. I don’t really like saying much about Game of Thrones since I haven’t read the books yet…my last theory came when I told Stan how I hope Daenerys kills Joffery with her dragons…he was just like, Riiiiight….

Earlier today, I was…well, since I don’t know who might be reading this, I’ll just say I’ve been working on my Mother’s Day gifts while I chill with Murphy and Evie. I was completely clueless last week but after a spark of inspiration I’m really excited! I’ll let you the gifts next week.

Well, the first of two celebrations…

Both being April babies, we decided to celebrate Murphy and Evie’s birthday’s together. And due to the unfortunate circumstances I’m fortunate enough to celebrate with them in person for the first time in about 6 years, last year I was still working in California.


We had a nice little celebration. I made chicken for them for dinner and we gave them both some birthday treats. They seemed to enjoy them a great deal.

IMG_0943 IMG_0944

Okay, so on to today, May 2nd, 2015…by now you have heard that Kate Middleton gave birth to a girl. I’ve been a little overly excited about the birth of the newest Princess. I’m just so happy that it’s a GIRL! She’s fourth in line for the throne, which is a tiny bit disappointing, it’s nice having a Queen…lol, though this has absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever. It’s just…Girl Power!!

This is another insignificant event that I’m overly happy about. Since today is comic book day, the Today show had all Comic Book questions for their trivia game. Long story short, I came in 167th place…which is a long way from first but it’s pretty far from number two thousand and something. I’ll take it!

My Mom and Aunt left this morning, they’re going to meet my cousin and Grandma in South Carolina, so that my Grandma can come home. (Long Story) I thought it’d be best to stay home with my pups. My Dad went to work but when he gets home he’d like to watch the Kentucky Derby. So, in between getting ready for Grandma’s arrival, I’ll be searching the web for a good impromptu Kentucky Derby mini dinner celebration…now, if only I could find what I did with our fascinators from the Royal Wedding…


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