“No, we weren’t big on fruit. We more into, like, dances. You know, things that are fun.”

18 April 2015

Yesterday, I went to my third Army ball. Second in Las Vegas, first as an Army Wife.

I’ve been toying with the idea of restarting my blog while getting ready for the wedding and being in that room last night surrounded by all those service members and their spouses, I just felt really inspired. Especially when the Colonel’s wife added her ingredient to the Grog. (Grog is what my father calls “jungle juice” in his college days) The Colonel’s wife is a very cool woman and this was her first year on Post. In the last two balls I went to an officer’s wife never added anything to the Grog. She added a cup of sugar in honor of all the spouses.


During dessert we had another incredible addition. We honored a Vietnam Medal of Honor winner. During Vietnam his vehicle was attacked and he got up on top and started shooting the enemy. Then when the second wave attacked, he took out his pistol and bayonet and attacked. We honored him with spurs, sabre, a Black Horse plaque and let him sign the rolls of the regiment.  The last thing that was different were the portraits, they were horizontal and the dates weren’t written on them…but then again they were free so it’s all good, lol.


After that it was time to party! They had “Club Black Horse” right in the middle of the ball, so it was easier to keep people. And according to Stan, “it didn’t suck”. When the dancing started the colonel and his wife started things off with a slow dance to “At Last” which quickly turned into “Uptown Funk”. Stan and I got up and danced. I just love group dancing, it’s so much fun and easy to join in without the pressure of being perfect…at one point I stuck my butt out ala Charlie’s Angels to make Stan laugh and next thing I knew the Colonel’s wife had her butt pressed against mine and we were dancing together! Lol, I was so honored.


One thought on ““No, we weren’t big on fruit. We more into, like, dances. You know, things that are fun.”

  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog. Military Balls are one of my favorite aspects of military life. I just adore the tradition and it’s always fun to see uniformed people cut loose. 🙂

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