“Get off the edge of your seat. They got married, had kids, and bought a cheap TV, okay?”

A past post to just clarify some things…

31 March 2015

I officially became an Army Wife today. I did not choose this life…I had always fantasized about falling in love with a soldier…but I am very excited for the adventure that awaits us!

photo from our honeymoon. Arizona Memorial. Pearl Harbor, HI

We received our marriage certificate in the mail and we rushed straight over to the deers office photo from our honeymoon.to apply for my dependent ID aka military ID. I don’t really like that I’m called a “dependent,” but then again that’s what I am. Yesterday was a very busy day, we put ourselves on a waiting list for a puppy! And we put our names in the running for a house!! We just need Stan’s 5940 and we can actually put our names in the running, which he got yesterday.

a tumbleweed wanted us to stay in the apartment

Stan just left for work about 20 minutes ago and when he returns for lunch, we’ll be going to actually look inside the houses. We got the list yesterday and stalked around the outside of the first three on the list. I must admit that I’m a little nervous about actually moving into a house…I’m excited as all get out to have a place of our own to decorate and nest into…but I’m really nervous about moving all of our stuff of Stan’s tiny apartment.  From the outside views we got yesterday, all three houses have their pros. The first one reminded me of the houses from King of the Hill and it was across from a park. The second houses was very cozy looking. The third was closest to the commissary within walking distance but was our least favorite. But to make a long story short we chose the second house!

20150401_121022 (2) (1)
the front of our new house!!

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