“But I’ve climbed the mountain, I’ve crossed the river And I’m almost there…”

23 April 2015

Stan passed his fourth day of testing, just one day left and tomorrow is a challenge that Stan can totally achieve. A twelve mile ruck. While Stan was taking his tests, I finally had the inspiration for decorating the house. Of course, I’m nowhere near done, but I’m pretty happy with what I did today. I still like the idea of themes but tentatively, the staircase going down is our “Places we’ve Been” wall and the staircase going up is our “Fables” wall.

CAM03068 CAM03069

I don’t really have a theme for the Family Room yet, perhaps It’s our “Generational Family ‘Family’ Room” I hung up the photos of the history of the Mustang and I rehung my string wall from Grad School. This is where I’ll hang up keepsakes and letters we’ll receive from family and friends.


After Stan got home, I helped him organize his ruck for tomorrow. He has to stuff an extra pair of big Army boots, clothes, sleeping bag, medical care, tools, all in all, he has to carry about 39 pounds on his back, while wearing his uniform and walking in boots for 12 miles.

I made some chicken parm with lots and lots of pasta. Stan insisted on a carbo load for tomorrow.

and I have nothing against lots and lots of pasta!


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