“But if you quit, it’d be like an expert knot tier quitting a knot-tying contest right in the middle of tying a knot.”

22 April 2015

So, Stan’s been working his tail off for two weeks. He has this big test he gets to take each year. He was studying and training for it all last week and this week he’s been taking it. We keep joking that it doesn’t matter whether he passes or not because that was his attitude while he was studying. Stan’s in the Infantry but he’ll be in Military Intelligence in October. Long story short, in the long run it was better if he had some infantry experience under his belt. He signed on for two more years so he can experience what he really wanted to do.


Anyway, that’s why he had that blasé attitude to start with but now that he only has two days left in testing, it actually does matter…even though it doesn’t…but it does.

After Stan passed his tests yesterday he asked me if I wanted to help him study for tomorrows test. And this studying was actually really fun. We drove to a distant field and practiced throwing grenades. His throws were pretty much on target each and every throw. (Not to give him a big head or anything.) After about twenty throws, Stan taught me how to throw. They’re practice grenades, of course, but with the adrenaline of it all, it was actually kind of light when I actually threw it and I was actually only about a foot off target! I had such a cool afternoon but it’s actually pretty scary when you think about what we were practicing for.

practice grenade
Stan’s throw, see the dust poof?

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